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Accelerating Big Data Analytics with Apache Kylin

Tyler Wishnoff
Manager, Kyligence Marketing
Jun. 19, 2019

This year’s 10th annual Berlin Buzzwords conference proved to be another great opportunity for Big Data experts and enthusiasts to get a first look at a lot of exciting technology.

For those who’ve never attended, Berlin Buzzwords is a yearly conference focused on the storage, processing, streaming, and searching of large amounts of digital data. It’s three full days of workshops, presentations, and engaging conversation.

Berlin Buzzwords is one of Europe’s premier data-centric events, and it always delivers a great lineup of experienced speakers.

Apache Kylin at Berlin Buzzwords

Fans and users of the popular open source OLAP project Apache Kylin got a special treat this year. Kyligence’s own Shaofeng Shi was invited to share the latest news about Kylin in his presentation Accelerate Big Data Analytics with Apache Kylin.

Shaofeng Shi Berlin Buzzwords
Kyligence's Shaofeng Shi featured at Berlin Buzzwords

Shaofeng serves as Kyligence’s technical partner and principle architect, but he’s also a PMC for Apache Kylin and has a long history with the project. This allowed him to provide not just a lot of technical knowledge to his presentation, but a many helpful insights that could only come from someone with years of experience working closely with Kylin.

So, What’s New with Apache Kylin?

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s conference, you can still catch up with the latest Apache Kylin news. Here is Shaofeng’s presentation slides so you can stay informed about Kylin.

Looking for a brief overview of what Shaofeng shared? We’ve got that as well. Here are the highlights of his Apache Kylin presentation:

  • A general overview of Apache Kylin, the challenges faced by Big Data analytics teams today and where Kylin fits in.
  • A discussion around Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) and SQL on Hadoop technologies, and a look at how they compare to Apache Kylin.
  • An explanation of the OLAP and OLAP cube technology Apache Kylin is built around and how it can work with today’s massive datasets.
  • Other business intelligence tools and Big Data solutions Apache Kylin integrates with.
  • Apache Kylin performance benchmarks.
  • A look at Apache Kylin’s advanced features (building partial OLAP cubes, Kafka and RDBMS support, real-time OLAP, and more).
  • Several business use cases involving real Apache Kylin users (Meituan-Dianping, Yahoo! Japan, and several others).

For those curious about Apache Kylin, or if you’d simply like to catch up on what’s new with the project, this is a great presentation that’s worth taking the time to flip through.

Shaofeng Demoing Apache Kylin
Shaofeng demoing Apache Kylin (photo via @irregularbi)

If you’d prefer to have something to listen to or watch, this video presentation by Kyligence’s Daniel Gu on extreme OLAP with Apache Kylin covers many of the points listed above.


Learn More About Apache Kylin

If you’re still looking for more information on Apache Kylin, you can always refer to our Apache Kylin Overview page and our Apache Kylin vs. Kyligence Comparison sections for more information. Both pages are full of background information on Apache Kylin, its strengths and limitations, as well as links to helpful resources for getting started with Kylin.

Our blog is also updated regularly with posts by other top contributors to the Apache Kylin project, so it’s worth following if you’re interested in the latest news and insights.

And if you’d like to know more about Kyligence and how its augmented OLAP approach can help enterprises with more sophisticated business intelligence and analytics needs on Big Data, visit our Kyligence Enterprise or Kyligence Cloud product pages.

Shaofeng Presenting Apache Kylin
Shaofeng sharing Apache Kylin case studies (photo via @irregularbi)

Want to see more photos from this year’s event? Berlin Buzzwords’ Flickr page has a great selection of shots from every presentation and workshop at the conference.

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