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Identify, manage and optimize your most valuable data on any cloud platform

Your single source of truth for cloud data & analytics

Kyligence Cloud is a big data platform offering data management and analytics services in the cloud. Leveraging cloud-native computing and storage infrastructure, it enables fast, elastic, and cost-effective analytics innovation with any data lake and at any scale.

Kyligence's AI-Augmented analytics engine helps to identify and manage your business' most valuable data, simplify the complexity of massive data management, and boost the experience of your analysts.

Kyligence Cloud Architecture Diagram

Extreme Performance

Kyligence Cloud's Augmented OLAP technology delivers unmatched analytics performance in the cloud, empowering business users to quickly uncover new insights from any size dataset instantly, at any time, and from anywhere.

High Concurrency

Greatly improves performance in environments with high levels of  concurrent users and queries and can easily scale out. Can support tens of thousands of online users at the same time with sub-second response times​.


With intelligent resource management for any cloud environment, Kyligence Cloud makes it easy for enterprises to lower the TCO of their cloud operations with on-demand cluster provisioning to only use what’s required.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Delivering enterprise-grade security and governance, Kyligence offers data backup and recovery mechanisms for multiple hierarchies, row-level and column-level access control for tables, and integrates with cloud security infrastructures.

High Availability

To achieve such a highly available and stable query service, Kyligence supports the physical separation of query and data loading resources. This ensures continuous 24/7 stability and high performance for queries - even during ETL time.

Simplified Operation

With one-click deployment, automated cluster operation, and rule-based cluster elastic scaling, Kyligence Cloud completely liberates IT administrators and cloud infrastructure teams from their operational and maintenance burdens.

Kyligence Diagram

Governed Data Marts

Kyligence AI-augmented data services and management platform provides analysts and business users with a unified, governed, and optimized semantic layer​.

Through multiple interfaces - such as SQLMDX, and REST APIs - users can seamlessly connect their various business applications, popular BI tools, and AI/ML environments without disruption and retraining.

Easily manage your most valuable data with AI

Through the power of machine learning, Kyligence Cloud identifies your business' most critical data from SQL history, analyst behavior, data profiles, and runtime metrics automatically. 

With its AI-Augmented analytics engine, data models can easily respond to changes in your business, no matter how complex your scenarios are. Delivering AI-powered acceleration to your analysts' queries across all of your data, Kyligence greatly improves analysis efficiency, and significantly reduces operation and maintenance costs.

Kyligence Cloud 4.5 Diagram

Get maximum value from your data in the cloud

Kyligence Cloud seamlessly integrates with all major cloud vendors, allowing organizations to easily leverage their existing cloud data sources. It solves the challenge of scattered and complex enterprise data sources, and allows for the unified management and easy analysis of data.

Democratize Business Analytics

Kyligence Cloud is built to connect with all mainstream BI products. It also provides rich data visualization and self-service tools to help business users and analysts easily implement interactive big data analytics in the cloud.

Enable your data and IT professionals to achieve more

Data Modeler

Automate data development and escape from heavy and repeated ETL and modeling. Kyligence improves the efficiency of your key use cases, allowing you to focus on technical innovation. Empower your business users with self-service analytics for quick and accurate insights.

Big Data Director

Amplify the confidence behind every data-driven business decision. Discover and manage your most valuable data and raise the visibility of your IT team. Simplify operations and maintenance, improve analysis efficiency, and increase ROI. 

Cloud Architect

Easily build an integrated end-to-end analytics solution in the cloud. With the ability to automate operations and maintenance, there's no need for IT to wait around on standby. Kyligence greatly simplifies all of your data-related work.

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