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Quick Start Guide: Kyligence on AWS Marketplace

Kyligence is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Accelerate your Cloud OLAP analytics today with this quick start guide.

by Kyligence | May. 20, 2019
Augmented OLAP Analytics at Microsoft Build 2019

Augmented OLAP analytics took center stage at this year’s Microsoft Build conference. Learn what’s next for this breakthrough Big Data technology.

by Tyler Wishnoff | May. 15, 2019
Apache Kylin v3.0.0 Alpha Release Announcement

The Apache Kylin community is pleased to announce the alpha release of Kylin v3.0.0. Read about the latest enhancements to Apache Kylin.

by Shaofeng Shi | Apr. 19, 2019
Interactive Analytics With Kyligence Augmented OLAP for Azure HDInsight

Discover how Kyligence’s AI augmented extreme OLAP solution enables interactive Big Data analytics on Microsoft’s Azure HDInsight.

by Kyligence | Apr. 18, 2019
OLAP Analytics Is Dead. Really?

For Big Data analytics, OLAP technology is still just as powerful as ever. Learn why organizations worldwide are concluding it’s still the best choice.

by Daniel Gu | Apr. 02, 2019
Kyligence – Augmented OLAP for the Big Data Era

Find out what sets Kyligence apart from Kylin and other Big Data analytics solutions, and how its unique BI and OLAP features can help your organization.

by Li Kang | Mar. 25, 2019
Join Us for Strata Data Conference SF – Booth #1327

Join us for four full days of Big Data insights and innovation at Strata’s first data conference of 2019. Come and find out what’s new with Kyligence.

by Kyligence | Mar. 20, 2019
3 Reasons Why Your Business Intelligence and Analytics Applications are Too Slow

If your business intelligence applications are running slow, it may be due to these common Big Data analytics roadblocks. Learn how you can overcome them.

by John Milo | Mar. 20, 2019
Big Data OLAP Analytics Solutions: Apache Kylin vs. Vertica

When it comes to Big Data OLAP analytics, find out which OLAP engine comes out on top in this new performance benchmark report by Stratebi.

by Tyler Wishnoff | Mar. 13, 2019
Enhance Your MapR Data Platform Experience with Kyligence

Learn how the features and capabilities of MapR make it an ideal platform for Kyligence to run on, and discover how you can start accelerating your Big Data analytics with this solution today.

by Li Kang | Mar. 07, 2019

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