Extreme OLAP With Apache Kylin

Apache Kylin is a distributed extreme OLAP engine for big data, it provides sub-second latency for analytics queries and web-scale high concurrency. Recently, Apache Kylin released v2.4.0, which offers lots of new features such as a JDBC data source, OLAP cube planner, and enhanced streaming ingestion.

We've also seen lots of excellent solutions from the open source community like Superset integration. In this session, we outline the design ideas and technical basics of these features and solutions, as well as real use cases.

Extreme OLAP With Apache Kylin

Discover why 1,000s of organizations have turned to Apache Kylin to accelerate their Big Data analytics.

The Leading Open Source Extreme OLAP Technology

Discover what it means to have truly fast business intelligence at your disposal. With OLAP analytics powered by Apache Kylin, slow query speeds are a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a way to overcome the challenge of generating Big Data insights off of massive datasets, Apache Kylin’s extreme OLAP technology is your way forward.

More Sophisticated Analytics Needs? Try Kyligence

For enterprises working with the largest datasets and who desire a higher level of service and security controls, the original contributing team to Apache Kylin created Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud. Kyligence is the industry leader in extreme OLAP analytics and Big Data acceleration technology.


Learn how Apache Kylin compares to Kyligence

So, extreme augmented OLAP analytics technology looks like it’s just what your organization is missing, but which solution is better: Apache Kylin or Kyligence?

To help you answer that question, we’ve compiled a useful overview of both solutions that offer a side by side comparison of the performance and features you can expect from Apache Kylin and Kyligence.

Download this OLAP analytics comparison guide today, and don’t waste another minute on slow business intelligence.

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