Kyligence Enterprise​

AI-augmented data services and management platform

AI-augmented data services and management platform

Kyligence Enterprise is an AI-enhanced big data services and management platform based on Apache Kylin. It provides sub-second query response times on petabyte data sets. It also supports cloud-scale, high concurrency access to help business users quickly discover and explore the value hidden inside massive amounts of data. This creates greater business value and drives better business decisions. 

The AI-augmented engine automatically prepares and optimizes data models by learning analyst behaviors and data characteristics and then intelligently populates data assets, thereby significantly improving the efficiency and productivity of data engineers and analysts.

Kyligence Architecture Diagram

Built to take on any challenge

Extreme Performance

Allow analysts to uncover new insights from their most valuable data instantly with a high-performance platform built on next-generation distributed aggregation and index technology.

High Concurrency

Stably support high-concurrency queries, allowing 10,000+ concurrent users to easily receive query results on Big Data in less than one second.

Unlimited Scalability

Scale-out easily based on Apache Spark architecture and generate instant insights on your ever-growing business-critical data – all at sub-second speed. 

Kyligence Diagram

Governed Data Marts

Kyligence AI-augmented data services and management platform provides analysts and business users a unified, governed, and optimized semantic layer. 

Through standard interfaces - such as SQL, MDX, and Rest API - Kyligence seamlessly connects business applications, popular BI tools, AI/ML environments, enabling users to work efficiently with their interface of choice without disruption or changing their usage habits.

AI-augmented engine assists analysis throughout the process

With the AI-augmented engine, no matter how complex your business scenario is the data model can easily respond to change. Achieving intelligent acceleration of analysis on your most valuable data not only greatly improves efficiency, but also significantly reduces operations and maintenance costs.

Keep pace with the rapidly changing business climate

Kyligence leverages Apache Spark for high-performance processing and real-time data analysis with low-latency data updates and the industry's only batch/streaming hybrid model for analysis scenarios. The business only needs to pass a model definition and a SQL statement to analyze real-time and historical data at the same time. 

Users only need to maintain a set of architecture to support the business's analysis of batch and streaming data at the same time, which will effectively reduce the complexity of the architecture, as well as operation and maintenance and development costs.

Tiered Storage Architecture diagram

Tiered Storage: OLAP analysis services for all scenarios

Kyligence has integrated Clickhouse technology as part of the new Smart Tiered Storage, which supports the broadest set of OLAP scenarios in a single, intelligent platform. 

Smart Tiered Storage™ helps business users kickstart what-if analytics and brings more possibilities for insights and exploration. It supports multi-dimensional analysis with detailed queries and ad-hoc exploration and can greatly shorten implementation cycles for new data services. This helps users respond to evolving business challenges with the data they need - when they need it.

Kyligence Enterprise

Get your most valuable data from any data source

Kyligence supports loading data from all of your data storage systems, including RDBMS, MPP Databases, Data Lakes, and the Cloud, performing unified data management and further optimization. Kyligence also provides intelligent query routing capabilities to choose the most appropriate index and execution engine based on the query scenario.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Kyligence Enterprise supports enterprise-grade security requirements including LDAP, Kerberos, and Sentry integration on Hadoop. Our Access Control List (ACL) provides granular access control at the column, row, and cell level.

High Availability

Kyligence Enterprise provides an active-active high availability (HA) deployment for both job node and query node by default, ensuring the stability of mission-critical analytics and avoiding the impact of potential hardware or system failure.

Guaranteed Reliability

Kyligence Enterprise adopts a non-invasive architecture, which makes it simple and light.

Meanwhile, the read-write separation architecture and a built-in self protection mechanism guarantees reliability and stability in extreme scenarios.

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