Kyligence Enterprise

AI Augmented Enterprise data management and analytics
The speed and agility in which Kyligence allows our business team to access data empowers them with the right information to quickly make sound business decisions.
Yingzhuo Wang
Deputy GM in Data Service Department​, China Union Pay​
This significantly shortens the feedback loop on the development cycle of new products and businesses.
Zhi Zhu​
Vice Senior Manager of IT,​ China Construction Bank​
This performance boost also allowed us to more effectively take advantage of the scalability of a big data platform.
Min Cheng Wu
Deputy General Manager of IT​, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company Limited​

Kyligence Enterprise Architecture

Kyligence Enterprise is an AI Augmented data management and analytics platform, powered by Apache Kylin. The Intelligent Analytics Engine automatically accelerates insights from massive data sets, significantly improving the productivity of data engineers and analysts.

Accelerated Insights Made Easy

See why only Kyligence Enterprise can deliver unprecedented analytics speeds that can help you and your team quickly spot new opportunities and outpace the competition.

High Performance and High Concurrency

Kyligence Enterprise can enable over 100,000 concurrent users to easily receive query results on big data in sub-seconds, with limited resources. Data analysts and business users are empowered to analyze massive data sets interactively, generating instant insights.


Augmented Engine

The system continuously learns the query behavior patterns and data features of each user. Built-inunsupervised learning algorithms enable recommendations for optimizing the data models.

Streamlined Data Exploration

Kyligence Enterprise intelligently routes SQL queries to underlying engines such as Hive, SparkSQL, Greenplum, and more. With Smart Pushdown™, teams are empowered with a unified architecture that supports dashboard reporting, ad-hoc reporting, data discovery, and many other activities.


Adaptive Schema

A smart model adapts with flexible business demand. When source schema changes, user don’t need to rebuild the whole model, the system will automatically update the impacted model in a cost-effective manner.

Open Ecosystem

Kyligence Enterprise serves as a fusional OLAP analytics platform for data and BI applications. Teams can easily connect to all data originating from a variety of sources.


Built on Spark

The optimized architecture runs on Spark, with simplified job steps and improved build performance by 3x, while the unified architecture and storage format requires fewer resources.


Kyligence Enterprise enables resources to be isolated for different workloads within the same deployment, providing fault tolerance and full functionality for each tenant.


Read/Write Separation

Kyligence Enterprise is the only solution that supports read/write separation for big data analytics, providing high availability and reliability for mission-critical workloads. A main cluster is used for data loading, and a read-only cluster serves queries.

Enterprise-grade Security

Kyligence Enterprise supports all enterprise-grade security requirements including LDAP, SAML, Kerberos, and Sentry integration on Hadoop. The Access Control List (ACL) provides granular access control at the column, row, and cell level.


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