Kyligence Enterprise​

Simplify the complexity of massive data management

What is Kyligence Enterprise?

Kyligence Enterprise is the world's leading data management and analytics platform for businesses looking to accelerate time to insight and easily scale when working with massive datasets.

Powered by Apache Kylin, Kyligence Enterprise's AI-Augmented analytics engine automates the complex work that stands between data and new ideas, offering dramatic productivity improvements for both analysts and data engineers.

Built to take on any challenge

Extreme Performance

Allow analysts to uncover new insights from their most valuable data instantly with a high-performance platform built on next-generation distributed aggregation and index technology.

High Concurrency

Stably support high-concurrency queries, allowing 10,000+ concurrent users to easily receive query results on Big Data in less than one second.

Unlimited Scalability

Scale-out easily based on Apache Spark architecture and generate instant insights on your ever-growing business-critical data – all at sub-second speed. 

KE AI Diagram

A single source of truth for everyone

With Kyligence, data modelers can easily build a unified, consolidated, and optimized view of data across the organization for analysts and end users.

Through standard SQL or MDX interfaces, businesses can consume the same data model from any Business Intelligence (BI) product of their choices.

Accelerate your analytics

Deliver blazing-fast query performance no matter how complex your scenarios or the size of your dataset. Kyligence automatically adjusts to user behavior and business needs to ensure your most critical data is available the second it's needed.

Get your most valuable data from any data source

Kyligence supports loading data from all of your data storage systems, including RDBMS, MPP Databases, Data Lakes, and the Cloud, performing unified data management and further optimization. Kyligence also provides intelligent query routing capabilities to choose the most appropriate index and execution engine based on the query scenario.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Kyligence Enterprise supports enterprise-grade security requirements including LDAP, Kerberos, and Sentry integration on Hadoop. Our Access Control List (ACL) provides granular access control at the column, row, and cell level.

High Availability

Kyligence Enterprise provides an active-active high availability (HA) deployment for both job node and query node by default, ensuring the stability of mission-critical analytics and avoiding the impact of potential hardware or system failure.

Guaranteed Reliability

Kyligence Enterprise adopts a non-invasive architecture, which makes it simple and light.

Meanwhile, the read-write separation architecture and a built-in self protection mechanism guarantees reliability and stability in extreme scenarios.

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