Comparing Kylin vs Kyligence

Understand which extreme OLAP solution is right for your Big Data acceleration needs.

Apache Kylin is the leading open source OLAP (online analytics processing) engine for Big Data. Capable of sub-second query latency on trillions of records, Kylin delivers a significant productivity boost to analytics operations in organizations of almost any size.​


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Kyligence provides an AI Augmented Analytics platform, powered by Apache Kylin, designed to simplify enterprise Big Data analytics for business users, analysts, and data engineers. With machine learning, self-service analytics and seamless integration with mainstream BI tools, Kyligence makes it easy to accelerate analytics from on-premises to multi-cloud.

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Apache Kylin
Kyligence Enterprise


Hybrid OLAP



Pre-Calculation + Index + Cache

Read/Write Separation​
Intelligent Auto Modeling​
Partition Data Refreshing​
Smart Pushdown™
Drilldown to Raw Data​
Data Access Control​

Cube Level

Cube, Row, Column and Cell-Level

BI Vendor Certification​

Community without SLA

Commercial SLA Support

Get the Facts on Kylin vs Kyligence

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