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Upgrade to High-Performance, Self-Service Analytics on Azure​

Accelerate time-to-insight for Big Data work on Microsoft Azure with the fastest platform for scalable, interactive analytics on the Cloud.

Accelerate insight generation on Azure

From Azure Data Lake Storage all the way to Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and Excel, no other Big Data platform offers the speed and interactivity Kyligence data management and analytics services provide when it comes to generating new insights from even the world's largest datasets.

Powered by the distributed calculation capabilities of Apache Spark, users can make full use of all their Azure analytics investments while finding new ways of extracting maximum value from their data.

A fully interactive analytics experience with Augmented OLAP

With Augmented OLAP, slow queries on Big Data are a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a way to overcome the challenge of generating insights from massive datasets, Augmented OLAP is your way forward.

Kyligence Cloud delivers a fully interactive analytics experience on Big Data along with Augmented OLAP and multidimensional analysis applications that empower business users to uncover new insights from across all their data, at any time and from anywhere.

Define once.
Use everywhere.

Leverage the tools you love with a platform you can trust. Synchronize business definitions like measures, dimensions, and hierarchies that are well understood by your business users with a unified semantic layer that connects to all major BI tools including Excel, Tableau, and Power BI.

Make the most of your data on Azure

In addition to being an Official Azure Synapse Analytics Partner, Kyligence also perfectly integrates with all major Azure native data sources such as Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Database for MySQL to help you fully utilize all of your existing investments in Azure.

Officially certified for Power BI

Kyligence seamlessly integrates with all your Microsoft BI technologies including Power BI and Excel, forming an end-to-end Big Data solution for your team. With Kyligence, Power BI and Excel users can easily scale up and interact with their data for an optimal analytics experience.

As an official certified data source for Microsoft Power BI, Power BI users can utilize their already built-in Kyligence connector to connect to any size dataset to perform sub-second, multidimensional analysis.

Lightning-fast machine learning starts here

Combining its high-performance OLAP engine and AI-augmented data modeling capabilities with Azure's advanced analysis services, like Azure Machine Learning, Kyligence delivers unbeatable machine learning performance that turbocharges analytics work and prediction ability on Big Data.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Based on Azure’s highly reliable data storage services such as Blob Storage and ADLS, Kyligence Cloud delivers enterprise-grade security and governance and integrates with popular cloud security infrastructures such as Azure Active Directory (AAD).

High Availability

With the flexibility to operate on HDInsight or Spark for its computing engine and Blob Storage for data storage, Kyligence is able to support the physical separation of query and data loading resources. This ensures continuous 24/7 stability and high performance for queries even during ETL time.


With intelligent resource management, Kyligence Cloud optimizes itself to efficiently support your Azure environment and self-service analytics needs. Kyligence makes it easy for enterprises to lower the TCO of their cloud operations with on-demand cluster provisioning to only use what’s required.

Get started with Kyligence Cloud

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