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Augmented OLAP Analytics at Microsoft Build 2019

Tyler Wishnoff
Manager, Kyligence Marketing
May. 15, 2019

“Build is all about imagining what’s possible, but more importantly, making it possible.”

Those were the words Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella used to kick off his keynote at this year’s Build conference. Over the next three days, that message was repeated and reinforced at every developer session and sponsor booth at the conference. It resonated with the thousands of technologists in the audience, too. Engineers, analysts, and business leaders, all of them thinking about how to drive more action across their organizations.

Microsoft Build
Satya Nadella during his keynote at Microsoft Build 2019

For teams working with Big Data, this message was especially relevant. Pressure is mounting on analytics and data science groups to deliver more inertia to business operations with faster, actionable insights.

Despite having massive datasets at their disposal, teams are finding their roadblock to actionable insights hasn’t been in collecting data. Instead, data analysts and scientists are fighting an uphill battle just to access and query the data they’ve collected.

This year’s Microsoft Build conference is taking place at a critical time for the Big Data community. The era of Big Data collection has passed. It has never been easier to identify, collect, and store all the data you could ever want.

We’re now in the age of Big Data insights. Businesses are quickly realizing that just having data isn’t a strategic advantage. Instead, faster and more meaningful insights generated from that data is the only thing that ever really mattered.

Microsoft has recognized this fundamental shift in the Big Data landscape. It’s why Kyligence was invited to represent the future of analytics enablement as part of Build’s elite Startup Gallery. This honor was bestowed upon only eight startups, hand-picked by Microsoft.

These teams had a chance to exchange ideas with Microsoft executives and demo their solutions to thousands of Build attendees.

And there were a lot of demos.

The Kyligence booth was packed. Data experts from every industry crowded around to experience the power of Kyligence’s extreme OLAP analytics solution. While there was a lot to like, everyone agreed that the analytics speed Kyligence enabled was the most groundbreaking.

Microsoft Build Interview
The Kyligence team was interviewed about being one of Microsoft's elite startups

Many attendees had never seen analytics on massive datasets run so quickly. Folks would hold their breath at every query, waiting to see just how much faster it would be using Kyligence. For those at Build looking to find an answer to their analytics challenges, they’d found what they were after.

Build was also a chance for the Kyligence team to share our recently awarded Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency. This is the highest honor for Microsoft partners serving the Azure cloud platform. Shifting towards cloud Big Data platforms for agility and cheaper data management was nearly unanimous for the teams we spoke with. Regardless of industry, everyone was either working on cloud, moving to it, or having serious internal conversations about starting.

Arindam Chatterjee Kyligence
The Kyligence team and Arindam Chatterjee (second from right) at Microsoft Build 2019

Speaking of cloud, Arindam Chatterjee, Microsoft’s Principal Group Program Manager for Azure HDInsight and Azure Data Lake, stopped by. He met with attendees and discussed how our augmented OLAP engine for Azure HDInsight could help empower Azure users.

Arindam wasn’t the only big name at the Kyligence booth this year. Microsoft EVP of Cloud and Enterprise, Scott Guthrie, also dropped by for a demo of our augmented OLAP technology in action.

Scott Guthrie Kyligence
The Kyligence team and Scott Guthrie (center) at Microsoft Build 2019

Build was amazing, but we had to say goodbye to Seattle and leave for our next big event: Qlik Qonnections. There, we’ll discuss our partnership with Qlik and how our augmented OLAP helps Qlik users accelerate their path to insights.

Showcasing the future of OLAP analytics and what’s next for Kyligene

Didn’t have a chance to see our augmented OLAP in action? No worries. You can get a great overview of the technology in this recent presentation from Strata London.

And as for what we demoed at Build, here are the key takeaways:

Kyligence’s intelligent data modeling engine delivers more insights

Kyligence’s Big Data modeling engine is capable of creating and improving upon models, regardless of scale. All without the need for IT intervention. This also reduces the learning threshold for modeling and empowers more business users to test their ideas in record time.

Kyligence augmented OLAP diagram
Kyligence, an augmented OLAP for Big Data

Augmented OLAP means more efficient use of business resources

Intelligent automation and Kyligence’s built-in semantic layer mean less time wasted for data engineers setting up connections. This gives analysts more freedom to query data from anywhere and ask questions that lead to major insights.

Kyligence OLAP BI offers the most informed insights

Aggregate as much data as you need from anywhere you want, all without having to give up performance. In fact, Kyligence enables speeds up to 100x faster than other solutions on the market today. Kyligence supports multiple data sources such as Hadoop and RDBMS, and works in all cloud deployment scenarios: public, private, and hybrid.

Machine Learning augmented OLAP diagram
Machine Learning is easy with Kyligence augmented OLAP for Big Data

Deep integration with Azure and seamless integration with Azure AutoML

And of course, Kyligence is completely integrated with Azure cloud services. It also combines all of these massive data analysis features with Azure’s AutoML machine learning services. This allows you to create highly accurate solutions for analytics forecasting, trend mining, anti-fraud, and more.

Accelerate Your Business Intelligence Tools with OLAP analytics today

That’s just a taste of what Kyligence has to offer as a Big Data analytics platform. If you want to know more about our unique augmented OLAP approach to business intelligence, you can learn about it here. You can also check out this video that explains the advanced OLAP technology powering Kyligence and Apache Kylin:


If you're curious about how Apache Kylin compares to Kyligence, you can get all the information you need on our Apache Kylin Comparison page. Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest Kyligence product updates and Augmented Analytics announcements.