Building Enterprise-Scale OLAP on Hadoop in Finance

Learn how IT and analytics teams still working with Hadoop can accelerate and scale their business intelligence (BI) on Big Data.

Accelerate BI on Hadoop with OLAP


See why OLAP is the optimal approach for achieving faster speeds and better concurrency for Big Data analytics on Hadoop.


BI on Hadoop that's ready for anything

The nature of analytics work is constantly shifting. Today, Big Data has found its way into nearly every major business initiative, and that has IT teams working hard to ensure their infrastructure can support the data volumes and concurrency analysts require to get their work done.

For enterprises still on Hadoop, this can be a challenge - but there's a way forward. This solution overview guide will show you how Kyligence Augmented OLAP can help you preserve, and get more out of, all of your investments in Hadoop.


Get going with world-class Big Data analytics on Hadoop


OLAP-driven business intelligence on Hadoop delivers faster insights and unmatched concurrency for data teams of any size, but not all OLAP solutions are created equal.

If you're looking to make measurable and meaningful improvements to your Hadoop-based infrastructure, this complete solution overview guide will show you why only Kyligence Augmented OLAP provides the performance to meet your needs. Inside you'll get:



Discover how Kyligence can give your analytics environment the jumpstart it needs to support work on any size dataset. Download now!

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