Building Enterprise OLAP on Hadoop

Get an overview of Apache Kylin, and Kyligence's Big Data analytics platform (KAP), covering function, performance, concurrency, ease of use, compatibility, and other enterprise features. We'll also share a case study of how a top finance company migrated to Apache Kylin on top of Hadoop from its legacy Cognos and DB2 system.

This system currently serves thousands of users and enables fast reporting and dashboarding in just seconds with high-concurrency and high-volume data.

Building Enterprise OLAP on Hadoop

Discover the optimized approach to OLAP on Hadoop BI for Big Data analytics.

OLAP on Hadoop BI is just better

With lightning-fast query speeds, massive scalability, and the flexibility to determine where and how you do your analytics work, the OLAP on Hadoop BI technology Apache Kylin and Kyligence offer is the only solution fit for today’s demanding data-driven business environment.

Hadoop BI features to meet every need

While the OLAP on Hadoop technology offered by Apache Kylin can meet your most basic needs, organizations needing even greater speeds, support, and enhanced security should look at Kyligence.

Founded by Kylin’s original team, Kyligence is a next-generation Big Data analytics platform built on the same OLAP foundations as Kylin, but with the features and benchmarks fit for enterprise.


Try the leading Hadoop BI solution

OLAP on Hadoop BI means faster insights than ever before, but not all Hadoop BI solutions are created equal. If your organization is looking for unmatched query speeds and performance that scales into the petabytes, you’ll find that Kyligence is the only Augmented Analytics solution built to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to supercharge your business intelligence, download our complete solution overview. Inside you’ll get:

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