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Top 5 Augmented Analytics Tools for 2023

Muhammad Ali Iqbal
Technical Writer
Nov. 15, 2023

Are you tired of spending countless hours analyzing data manually? Do you want to stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge analytics tools? Yes? You’ve come to the right place…


In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 5 augmented analytics tools for all-size businesses to analyze data effortlessly. These 5 augmented analytics tools can help you make informed decisions for your business without having to spend a lot of time on manual work. Stay tuned!


What is Augmented Analytics?


Augmented Analytics refers to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies into analytics platforms. It automates data preparation, insight generation, and visualization and enables users to gain valuable insights from data without extensive technical expertise.


Augmented analytics uses AI and ML algorithms to improve data exploration, pattern recognition, and natural language processing. This makes analytics easier to use, understand, and more efficient.


Key Capabilities of Augmented Analytics


The key capabilities of augmented analytics include:


Automated Insights: Augmented analytics leverages AI and ML algorithms to automatically generate insights from data. It can identify patterns, trends, and correlations in large datasets, providing users with actionable information without requiring manual analysis.


Natural Language Processing (NLP): Augmented analytics platforms often incorporate NLP capabilities, allowing users to interact with data using natural language queries. This makes data exploration and analysis more intuitive and accessible to a wider range of users.


Data Preparation and Integration: Augmented analytics streamlines the process of data preparation and integration. It automates tasks such as data cleansing, transformation, and enrichment, reducing the time and effort required to prepare data for analysis.


Data Visualization: Augmented analytics tools offer advanced data visualization capabilities. They can automatically create interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards that effectively communicate insights and trends in a visually appealing manner.


Collaborative Analytics: Augmented analytics promotes collaboration among users by providing features for sharing and discussing insights. It allows multiple stakeholders to work together on data analysis projects, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative decision-making process.


Bias Detection and Mitigation: Augmented analytics helps in curbing human biases that can impact data analysis. By leveraging ML algorithms, it can detect and mitigate biases in data, ensuring that insights and recommendations are based on objective and unbiased analysis.


Data Discovery and Recommendation: Augmented analytics platforms often include features for data discovery and recommendation. They can automatically suggest relevant datasets, variables, or analytical approaches based on user preferences and historical usage patterns.


These capabilities of augmented analytics enable users, even those without extensive analytics expertise, to derive meaningful insights from data and make data-driven decisions more efficiently.


Top 5 Augmented Analytics Tools

  1. Kyligence for AI-powered auto insights and dashboard creation.
  2. Sisense for Flexible, AI-driven embedded analytics.
  3. QlikView for Intuitive visual discovery and AI-powered insights.
  4. Yellowfin for action-based dashboards and automation.
  5. Tableau for driving data-informed decisions.

5 Best Augmented Analytics Tools - Quick View

ToolBest ForHighlighted FeaturePricing
KyligenceData-driven organizations, business analysts, data scientists, BI professionals, decision-makers, enterprises of all sizesRoot cause analysis, auto insights, and dashboard creation using NLP  $49/user/month (5 users minimum)
SisenseProduct teams & developers, small to enterprise organizationsEmbed AI-driven analytics for confident decisionsGet Custom Pricing
QlikViewMedium-size organizations and industries Intuitive visual data exploration and analysis$20/user/month (10 users minimum)
YellowfinData analysts, software companies, application developers, and enterprise organizationsAutomated data storytelling and visualizationGet Custom Pricing
TableauMedium to large-size businesses, business intelligence professionals, data scientists and analysts, IT professionalsTableau Pulse and Einstein Copilot$75/month (for 1 user)


Auto root cause analysis by Kyligence Copilot
AI assistant: Kyligence Copilot


  • Root Cause Analysis: With Kyligence, you can use AI copilot and identify ups and downs of your metrics, discover root causes, and generate reports within seconds.
  • Automatic Dashboards Creation: Kyligence allows users to generate dashboards easily by just chatting with the copilot using the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.
  • Unified Metrics Catalog: The low-code Metrics Catalog ensures a consistent definition and alignment of metrics across the organization, fostering better decision-making and data trust​.


  • Limited Data Source Integration: Although it wasn't possible to find updated information on data source integration limitations, Kyligence Zen does aim to quickly connect data sources and share insights across an organization.


  • Standard plan: $59/user/month, up to 5000 AI chats, 100 GB storage, 100,000 API calls.
  • Premium plan: $49/user/month (minimum 5 users), up to 50,000 AI chats, 1 TB storage, 1,000,000 API calls.
  • Enterprise+ plan: Flexible pricing and deployment options, unlimited AI chats, storage, and API calls. Contact for details.

Kyligence Zen remains a compelling choice for those seeking to unlock the full potential of their data through a centralized, low-code platform that promotes a metrics-driven approach to business decision-making.



Sisense product view


  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Sisense offers a full-stack business intelligence and analytics solution enabling users to join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with data visualizations, and share insights with a wide audience​.
  • Infusion of AI-Driven Analytics: With Sisense, organizations can infuse AI-driven analytics into their products and business applications, enhancing the decision-making process​.
  • Ease of Use for All Skill Levels: The platform provides code-free to code-first tools for deeper analysis, catering to all skill levels​.
  • End-to-End Business Analytics: It's an end-to-end business analytics software that allows for easy preparation and analysis of large, complex datasets​​.


  • Difficult to use with complicated data models
  • Support response time is average
  • The exact pricing details are not publicly available

The Sisense Fusion Analytics Platform is a great tool for product teams to integrate AI- and ML-based analytics into their applications. It offers flexible tools, SDKs, and APIs to draw data from multiple sources for enriched analytics and insights.


The platform seamlessly integrates analytics into the product’s UI and Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline. And users can view data through charts and graphs or analyze it using natural language questions.


Customized analytics can be embedded with Sisense Fusion Embed, which provide intuitive insights for confident, data-informed decisions. This AI-driven tool enhances product engagement, speeds up time to market, and offers hassle-free cloud maintenance.



Sisense operates on a subscription pricing model, although the exact pricing details are not publicly disclosed. They do offer a free trial for users to evaluate the platform before making a decision.



QlikView product view


  • Robust Data Analysis Capabilities: Qlik offers a comprehensive platform for data analysis, enabling users to connect and combine data from hundreds of sources, create interactive data visualizations and dashboards, and leverage augmented analytics with advanced AI for deeper insights​​.
  • Self-Service Analytics: The platform promotes self-service analytics with robust drill-down features and drag-and-drop capabilities, facilitating ease of use for a wide range of user skill levels​.
  • Augmented Analytics Functionality: Qlik incorporates advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to augment the analytics process, aiding in data discovery and insight generation.


  • Technical learning curve: It needs some learning curve to explore the tool completely, and will some level of technical expertise to set up the tool.
  • Potential Performance Issues: Some users have reported that the software may slow down when compiling large datasets​.
  • Dependency on Plugins for Additional Features: The solution might lack some desired features and depend on plugins from the older QlikView offering to add functionality, which could incur additional costs or lack compatibility with Qlik Sense​​.

Qlik Sense is a powerful analytics tool that enables organizations to explore and analyze data intuitively through visual discovery. It empowers users to make data-driven decisions and drive actionable outcomes across the organization with the power of AI-powered insights, real-time collaboration, and support for enterprise-scale deployment.



  • Standard Plan: $20/mo for 10 full users only, with up to 50GB/year data for analysis.
  • Premium Plan: starts at $2,700/mo and 50GB/yr data for analysis and more advanced features.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, starting at 500GB/yr data for analysis.


Yellowfin product view


  • Seamless Integration: Yellowfin supports a broad range of data sources including cloud and on-premises databases, as well as spreadsheets, which facilitates easy data integration for analysis​​.
  • User-Centric Design: The platform is designed to cater to users of all expertise levels, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for streamlined dashboard and report creation and sharing​.
  • Scalability: Yellowfin shows excellence in both on-premises and cloud deployments, indicating its readiness to meet the demands of large enterprises​1​.
  • Flexibility: Its flexibility is highlighted by the extensive array of data sources it can integrate with and a plethora of features ranging from data preparation to embedded analytics​.


  • Resource Intensiveness: Some users noted that with every update, the product requires more resources, which could pose challenges for small businesses in managing costs and could result in performance impacts​

Yellowfin is a comprehensive analytics platform that empowers businesses to leverage their data for actionable insights. Yellowfin empowers users to make informed decisions for business success through action-based dashboards, automated analysis, and data storytelling.



Contact their support team to get custom pricing.


Yellowfin offers a flexible pricing structure that accommodates businesses of all sizes. It provides two main pricing models:


Subscription Model: This model allows for monthly or annual payments, catering to organizations seeking predictable and manageable costs​​.


Perpetual Licensing: This model is suitable for those preferring a single payment for enduring access to Yellowfin, without the need for ongoing subscription fees, catering to businesses with sustained BI needs​​.


However, the exact pricing can vary, and here are some indicative prices from different sources:

  • Starting price of $250 per month as mentioned on TrustRadius​​.
  • Pricing of $19.00 per month per user as mentioned on Capterra​.
  • Starting price of $50.00 per month per user as indicated on SourceForge​​.


Tableau product view


  • Ease of Use: Known for its intuitive interface, Tableau allows individuals, regardless of their technical skill, to explore and visualize data effortlessly.
  • Extensive Data Connectivity: It supports a wide array of data sources, enabling seamless data integration for comprehensive analysis.
  • Strong Community and Support: Tableau has a vibrant community of users and extensive support resources, aiding in faster problem resolution and learning.


  • Pricing can be a problem for smaller size company.
  • Steep Learning Curve for beginner: Some users have pointed out that Tableau has a steep learning curve. While it's a robust business intelligence tool, newcomers may need to dedicate a considerable amount of time to learn it well, particularly if they aim to harness its advanced features​.

Although there are multiple visualization options, they are not much customizable. Tableau is a visual analytics platform that helps people see, understand, and act on data using their in-house Einstein Copilot.


It provides intuitive products, fosters a strong community, and enables organizations to build a data-driven culture. With Tableau, users can explore data, create visualizations, and gain insights from any source.



  • Individual: $75/month for 1 creator
  • Duo: $150/month for 2 creators

You can also contact them for customized features and pricing.


Why Is Kyligence the Best Augmented Analytics Tool?


In the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics, augmented analytics tools are paving the way for effortless and informed decision-making. These tools, powered by AI and machine learning, are designed to automate and simplify the complex data analysis process. Among the top contenders in 2023, Kyligence stands out with its automated insights, and NLP technology for businesses to generate deep insights within seconds. It promises a centralized, low-code platform that emphasizes a metrics-driven approach to business decision-making.


If you're considering an upgrade to your analytics toolkit, now's the perfect time to evaluate and experience Kyligence's capabilities. And the best part? You can try Kyligence for free. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your data insights and stay ahead of the curve.