Analyze Petabyte-Scale Datasets with Qlik

Watch how Kyligence accelerates business intelligence (BI) tools and allows Qlik users to easily work with datasets of any size.

Accelerate BI on Qlik


No matter the scale of your datasets, see why Qlik on Kyligence delivers unprecedented reporting speeds.


Unlimited performance for all of your BI tools

Effective analytics work demands more data than ever, but most modern BI tools struggle to maintain performance as data volumes and analytics teams grow. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve. With OLAP, businesses can ensure their BI environments can support any data-driven initiative.

Kyligence's on-premises and big data analytics cloud OLAP solutions offer teams on Qlik (and any other major BI tool) a way to upgrade the analytics performance and concurrency of their tools to handle Big Data. This Qlik solution overview will show you how.


Deliver more insights more often with Augmented OLAP

Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI - be sure your data infrastructure is prepared to support them all.

Analytics on Kyligence means faster insights than ever before. If your organization is looking for unmatched query speeds and performance that scales into the petabytes, you’ll find that Kyligence is the only solution built to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to supercharge your business intelligence, download our complete Qlik solution overview. Inside you’ll find:


  • An introduction to Kyligence and how it fits into your analytics environment.
  • Use cases for where Kyligence works best with your Qlik solutions.
  • A list of features and capabilities Kyligence offers teams using Qlik.


Big Data doesn't need to be a big problem for your BI tools, see what Kyligence Augmented OLAP can do for you. Download now!

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