Solutions for Near-Real-Time Analytics

Get answers in near-real-time no matter your data volume with the leading platform for fast and scalable Big Data analytics.

Instant insights, for when every second matters

Sometimes fast just isn’t fast enough. For businesses working in hyper-competitive industries or whose analytics work or product offerings require the ability to provide responses in real-time, maintaining such a high level of performance can be difficult – especially when working with Big Data.

But organization’s and IT teams working at the bleeding edge don’t have to settle for fast-enough analytics, nor do they need to sacrifice untold amounts of time and money trying to keep up with their peers. With Kyligence Augmented OLAP, ensuring near-real-time analytics has never been easier.


The world’s fastest analytics platform for Big Data

Kyligence Augmented OLAP analytics enables organizations and analytics teams to operate efficiently in any near-real-time Big Data environment.

With the Kyligence platform, companies working in time-sensitive areas such as fraud detection, e-commerce, high-frequency trading, and client relationship management (CRM) can get reliable near-real-time analytics performance that’s easy to manage for IT teams and cost-effective for the business.

Businesses running on Kyligence can expect to get:

  • The fastest queries on massive datasets.
  • Scalability to over 100K users with no cost to performance.
  • Rich API support and integrations for all of your BI tools.
  • Interactive and self-service analytics capabilities.

Find out how Kyligence makes this possible with this solution overview for near-real-time analytics.

Supercharge all of your analytics work on Big Data today

Don’t waste another second on an analytics environment that can’t help you meet your real-time needs. Get the ultra-high performance boost you’re looking for with Kyligence’s Augmented OLAP platform for Big Data.

No matter how large your data volumes, Kyligence delivers the fastest and most scalable analytics experience when it comes to massive datasets, both on-premises and on the Cloud.

Learn how Kyligence is able to deliver on these near-real-time analytics promises with this solution overview that provides a detailed look at the platform and its OLAP-based foundations, as well as:


  • A full introduction to Kyligence and how it fits into your architecture.
  • Near-real-time use cases for the Kyligence platform.
  • The complete analytics feature set Kyligence provides.


See why, when time is a factor, 1,000s of leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies continue to choose Kyligence Augmented OLAP for their Big Data analytics needs. Download now!

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