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Critical Elements for Implementing Self-Service BI Analytics

RT Insights report talks about democratizing self-serve data analytics at scale via the BI tool of a user’s choice.

Businesses demands a way to empower all business users and power users so that they may carry out their own data analytics on massive datasets.


Such capabilities open up a wide range of use cases that can help a business. It might include a manager of a regional store doing a highly focused sales analysis of that store’s customer base rather than taking insights derived for the company as a whole. Businesses today must enable the broad use of analytics in a way that individuals and groups that lack analytics skills and the highly skilled data scientists and business analysts can all quickly and easily carry out analysis of large datasets on their own in an efficient way.


Kyligence addresses that issue and enables the democratization of BI via self-serve analytics. Learn the challenges and solutions for developing a robust, flexible, and fast data architecture that ensures all this analysis can take place at the speed of business.

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