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Unify Your Business Metrics and Analyze Them in Microsoft Excel

Kyligence Zen enables you to easily unify your scattered business metrics into one-stop metrics platform with high-performance OLAP engine that ensures the Excel analysis experience with large data volumes. By democratizing data analysis, Kyligence Zen helps you to improve the efficiency of enterprise operations and decision-making.

Unify Your Business Metrics and Analyze Them in Excel with Kyligence Zen

Say goodbye to scattered and inconsistent data definitions, high governance costs, and difficulty ensuring data security. Kyligence Zen helps you democratize data analysis, achieve high-performance OLAP engine for Excel, and build a complete business metrics system for your enterprise.

Kyligence Zen Business Metrics Analysis
Experience the Kyligence Zen's well-governed and unified metrics combined with the agile and self-service capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

Democratizes Data Analysis

Thanks to Kyligence Zen, business users can now easily centralize and analyze metrics, all while enjoying the user-friendly, self-service features of Microsoft Excel. Say goodbye to scattered metrics and hello to the organized and efficient metrics of Kyligence Zen and Excel combined.

High-performance OLAP Engine

Experience efficient and effective data analysis with Kyligence Zen. Our high-performance OLAP engine achieves second-level responses to queries for billions of data and hundreds of concurrent users.

Unified Security Policy

With Kyligence Zen, enterprises can configure user and data access management uniformly, solving security risks caused by offline Excel files. Data is stored in the object in the users' private cloud environment, maximizing the security of your data.

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How does Kyligence Zen work with Excel?

The Kyligence Connector for Excel enables users to analyze metrics defined in Kyligence Zen using Excel. It offers a user-friendly experience with drag-and-drop functionality for selecting metrics and dimensions to be analyzed like PivotTable. The connector is compatible with all Excel versions, including Office365, Windows, and MacOS. For more information, please refer to our user documentation.

What are the benefits of leveraging Kyligence Zen with Excel

Single source of truth: you can define all your metrics in Kyligence Zen, and all business users can access the same version of truth using Excel. Reusable with Live connection: whenever you have repetitive reporting needs in Excel, refresh your existing PivotTable in Excel, and all updated metrics will be fetched from Kyligence Zen to Excel.

What is the offer provided by Kyligence Zen?

Kyligence Zen is a low-code metrics platform for businesses to transcend the limitations of traditional business intelligence (BI) reports and achieve true, metrics-driven decision-making. Kyligence Zen centralizes scattered BI metrics into a unified metrics platform, saving you time and ensuring that all your metrics are managed and analyzed in one place.

Unify Your Business Metrics and Analyze them in Microsoft Excel