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Cognos Enhancement

Cognos Challenge on Big Data

IBM Cognos is a traditional business intelligence product launched years ago, supporting multiple data sources and providing complete and stable functionality. It is one of the mainstream online analytical processing (OLAP) products and is widely used in financial sectors such as banking, insurance, and securities. Many financial institutions built their first-generation data warehouses based on Cognos, generating a large number of multidimensional analysis reports from transaction records for use by business and management personnel. With the adoption of web-based channels, marketing, and operational methods, organizations have seen explosive growth in data volume as their business expands rapidly. The legacy Cognos technical architecture lacks efficiency and cost-effectiveness in performing OLAP analytics over ultra-large data sets. Its technical bottleneck also brings additional complexity and workloads to development, operations, and maintenance.

Same User Experience With Lower TCO


Same User Experience With Lower TCO

Without changing the development model and report usage, Kyligence enables the technical architecture to support scale-out at a low cost while keeping the same user habits. In addition, such capabilities as auto conversions of existing SQL functions and best data model recommendation reduce upgrade, development, and O&M costs, helping customers lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a single query analysis.

Distributed Storage and Computing With Seamless Connection to Original Components


Distributed Storage and Computing With Seamless Connection to Original Components

The distributed storage and computing frameworks lift limits on data volume and the number of dimensions, providing unlimited expansion capabilities. x86 hardware and subscription-based payment are supported, ensuring higher cost performance.


Although Cognos PowerCubes and the modeling tool Framework Manager are replaced, the original components, including Report Studio for report authoring, and PowerPlay and ReportNet for front-end display, are seamlessly connected to maximize the utilization of existing IT assets of the organization to minimize upgrade costs.


The SQL Transformer can automatically convert existing SQL functions, and the AI-augmented engine can recommend the best data models, reducing migration and development costs.

Minimizing Learning Costs

The upgrade will be imperceptible to business and management personnel as they will still be accessing reports on the original Cognos front-end tool, thus minimizing the learning costs of the new system. Especially for financial institutions with a large number of users, this solution can reduce the impact on daily business, saving a considerable amount of hidden costs.

Reduce Development and O&M Costs

Kyligence offers the same dimensional modeling methods that data engineers are used to, and enables data engineers to develop reports based on the original Cognos components, minimizing the IT learning cost of the new tool. In addition, the AI modeling technology automatically recognizes the data model in SQL and recommends it to modelers, dramatically cutting down the development and O&M costs.

Shortens Data Processing and Query Time

With distributed architecture and columnar storage technologies, Kyligence’s Intelligent Data Cloud can build cubes and perform data queries in parallel. Data processing that took hours is completed in minutes; queries that took ten minutes or even hours are completed in seconds. This product cuts the time for generated data to become available and delivers high-concurrency online analysis at scale.

Cognos Access Management Seamlessly Integrated to Decouple Permissions

The permission control of Kyligence’s product can be seamlessly integrated with Cognos, allowing report users and developers to access both platforms with a single login. The solution also provides all-around permission control down to the field level. Since permissions are decoupled from data, changes in permissions will not refresh cube data.

Provide a Single Query Entry to Facilitate the Introduction of New Technologies

Kyligence’s Intelligent Data Cloud effectively eliminates the transformation costs caused by new application technologies. It offers a single entry that supports ANSI standard SQL and MDX queries, can connect to various types of data sources on-premises and the cloud in many ways, and intelligently routes various data requests to different query engines without requiring enterprises to manage the underlying data architecture.

New BI Tools Can Be Connected to Support New Use Cases

Kyligence’s Intelligent Data Cloud can connect to mainstream BI tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik, and even Excel. It also provides diversified APIs like JDBC/ODBC/Restful APIs that enable connections to other non-BI systems, equipping enterprises with the capability to use data in new scenarios.


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