Big Data Analytics Solutions for Investment Banking

Learn how the world's largest banks are sharpening their competitive edge by accelerating their Big Data analytics with Kyligence's Augmented OLAP solutions.

Big Data analytics that lets you see around corners

For investment banks, being able to predict the future is critical for success, and Big Data has made it easier than ever to spot trends and build models that help you stay ahead of the competition. But in an industry where fractions of a second can matter, the speed of your models and analytics tools is just as critical as the math and data that power them.

Kyligence provides investments banks and their IT teams an easy to integrate and manage Big Data analytics platform that accelerates analytics work on massive datasets faster than any other solution in the finance industry.


Spot opportunities faster with Kyligence

With Kyligence Augmented OLAP, IT and engineering teams are able to ensure the fastest possible analytics and computational work on massive datasets. Analyst teams on any BI tool (including Excel) will be able to run more complex models utilizing more data at record speeds, all while reducing demands on IT’s time and resources.

Here’s some of what you’ll get by integrating Kyligence into your analytics environment:

  • The industry’s fastest queries on massive datasets.
  • Scalability to over 100K users with no cost to performance.
  • Rich API support and integrations for all of your BI tools.
  • Interactive and self-service analytics capabilities.

Kyligence empowers your analysts and data scientists to uncover more insights more often. Learn how else we can help you stay ahead of the competition with our solution overview for investment banks.

Learn why more banks choose Kyligence for Big Data analytics in investment banking

Kyligence stands as the global leader when it comes to securely accelerating analytics on the largest datasets and most complex models. It’s why 1,000s of the world’s largest enterprises and financial institutions trust Kyligence OLAP technology to help them transform their data into major market insights.

On premises or on the Cloud, Kyligence gives IT and data engineering teams an analytics platform that helps them simplify their infrastructure and BI tool management while giving their analysts and data scientists the speed and flexibility they need to excel at their work.

Learn how Kyligence delivers on these promises with this overview that includes:


  • A full introduction to Kyligence and how it fits into your architecture.
  • Use cases for Kyligence that cover finance and investment banking.
  • The complete feature set Kyligence offers you and your analysts.


Getting started with Kyligence is fast and easy. Take your next steps into the world of Augmented OLAP. Download now!

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