Supercharge the Analytics Performance of Qlik on Big Data

Transform Qlik into a powerhouse for business intelligence (BI) on Big Data with the only solution that delivers unmatched speed at any scale.

Like jet fuel for your Qlik business intelligence tools

Today's analytics environment is more data-hungry than ever. Data sources abound, and advancements in Machine Learning and AI have given way to more sophisticated models and a need for businesses to be able to quickly process more data than at any other time in history. So it's no surprise that IT and engineering teams are being pushed to the limit trying to maintain the performance of their BI tools to keep up with the evolving needs of the analysts using them.

Kyligence helps companies tackle this challenge by delivering a purpose-built platform for accelerating and scaling analytics on datasets of any size for every major BI tool.


Optimize Qlik for speed and scalability on any size dataset

Kyligence's Augmented OLAP approach to Big Data provides teams using Qlik the fastest analytics experience when working with extreme data volumes.

With Kyligence, analysts enjoy access to instant insights no matter how complex their work, while IT teams are able to simplify the management of their business' analytics infrastructure, saving substantial time and budget. Adopting Kyligence into your Qlik analytics environment gets you:

  • A seamless integration experience between Kyligence and Qlik.
  • Blazing fast, real-time insights on petabyte-scale datasets.
  • The ability to work on entire datasets, instead of just what fits in memory.
  • Intelligent auto-modeling with no coding or need for complex ETL.

Get the full picture of how Kyligence enhances BI performance on Big Data with this solution overview for accelerating analytics on Qlik with Kyligence.

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