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Kyligence Announces KAP 2.4 That Accelerates SQL and OLAP on Hadoop BI

Learn about the latest Kyligence advancements in Augmented Analytics and what we can do for your organization with our new OLAP on Hadoop BI solutions overview.


Beijing, China, July 15, 2017 - Strata Data Conference. Kyligence Inc., a technology innovator who helps enterprises improve their productivity with its intelligent big data analytics products, announced that Kyligence’s Big Data Analytics Platform ­­–– KAP 2.4­ –– the latest enterprise edition of Apache Kylin is now released.

Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) is an extreme OLAP on Hadoop solution for enterprise. Powered by Apache Kylin, KAP enables sub-second SQL query latency on petabyte scale dataset, provides high concurrency at internet scale, and allows analysts to architect business intelligence (BI) on Hadoop using industry-standard data warehouses and business intelligence tools and methodologies.

Simplifying Big Data Analytics for business users, analysts, and engineers, KAP is a unified self-service Big Data platform that seamlessly integrates with business intelligence tools and requires no programming. As a native solution on Hadoop OLAP, KAP interacts with cluster only via standard APIs, and it supports main Hadoop distributions from the Cloud and on-premises.

Although Apache Kylin is an OLAP on Hadoop and brings great performance for aggregated SQL query, it does not do so for detailed data query. With our new technology called Query Pushdown, both raw data query and unsupported query of Kylin will be routined to underling SQL on Hadoop.

Query Pushdown turns KAP from MOLAP to HOLAP, offering a better solution to support all analytics query for Big Data including Data Discovery, SQL Accelerator, and Business Intelligence. In KAP 2.4, this feature supports Hive and Spark SQL, and it will support others in future releases.

“We are now in an era where an enterprise’s major competitiveness is all about how it effectively uses its Big Data.” said Luke Han, the cofounder and CEO of Kyligence. “KAP has been highly recognized in various industries, such as finance, insurance, telecom, automotive, and internet.” Luke continued to share his insights on how KAP could apply to diverse situations, “We have been focused on learning our customers’ unique demands in various industries, KAP 2.4 can now tremendously increase users’ efficiency in a cost-effective way.”

For example, data modeling is a key for users for business intelligence and analytics needs. With a wizard approach and auto-suggestion, our new KyStudio of KAP in this release empowers users to create and manage all data models.

KAP 2.4 offers much better performance, concurrency, and stability. It now supports Cell Level ACL with stronger security.

KAP’s Computed-Column-enhanced semantic layer enables complex business logic inside data model. Snowflake is also supported in this version. Having gone through series of rigorous testing on Hadoop, KAP 2.4 is now fully compatible with Apache Kylin.

About Kyligence

Founded in early 2016, Kyligence was started by the early contributors to the open source Apache Kylin project and veterans of eBay’s Big Data team. Apache Kylin has gained wide industry recognition, including the InfoWorld Bossie Award for “The Best Open Source Big Data Tools” in 2015 and 2016. Its enterprise and big data analytics cloud version, Kyligence Analytics Platform, has been widely adopted by large companies in the financial, telecom, and manufacturing sectors in the APAC region.

Dual-headquartered in Shanghai and Silicon Valley, Kyligence is backed by top-tier investors like Redpoint Ventures and Shunwei Capital. For more information, please visit:

Discover the next generation of OLAP on Hadoop BI Technology

A lot has changed since we published this release, including our Hadoop BI solutions. Kyligence’s Big Data analytics platform has evolved to better serve both on premises and cloud business intelligence environments with continued investments in its two core OLAP on Hadoop products: Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud.

It’s still influenced by the extreme OLAP analytics approach made popular by Apache Kylin, but it has been updated in key ways that address the biggest challenges Big Data teams are facing today: speed, scalability, and the work it takes to generate insights. Learn more about how Kyligence is taking Kylin’s OLAP on Hadoop approach and transforming it into a Hadoop BI solution that will supercharge your analytics.