Kyligence Insight

Simplified Big Data Analytics

Simplify Big Data Analysis

Kyligence Insight is a unified self-service workspace. It provides both a unified semantic layer and a standard interface for commercial BI. For business users and analysts, it also provides built-in, light-weight visualizations on big data.

Big Data Analytics Simplified

Learn how Kyligence Insight can greatly enhance the way you and your team conduct analytics on Big Data.

Semantic Layer

Easily translate technical concepts into business-friendly definitions, such as dimensions, measures, hierarchies, and calculated measures. This enables business users to easily consume data from directly within their favorite BI tools, focusing on business decisions rather than defining table-joins, relationships, or calculations.



Expose big data assets to popular BI tools, including Tableau and Excel, with ease. Through a standard interface like SQL, MDX, or RestAPI, enterprises can democratize big data usage for everyone, enabling data-as-a-service across the organization.

Intuitive Self-service Data Analysis

Help business users and analysts with exporting and analyzing big data with a rich set of self-service tools and light-weight data visualizations. Users can easily analyze and export big data, based on the blazing fast Kyligence Enterprise engine.


Enterprise-grade Security

Be sure that your data is secure and monitored, with enterprise-grade data governance and user access control. IT can remain confident that data is consumed and moved by the right people, to the right place. No additional administrative effort is required to re-implement data ACLs, as Kyligence provides unified permission control.

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