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Simplifying Cloud Analytics at Big Things Conference 2019

Jennifer Li
Senior Director, Partnerships & Marketing
Nov. 20, 2019

2019’s Big Things Conference for data and AI kicked off in Kinepolis, Spain this week for two full days of new ideas and discussions surrounding the technological and business impact Big Data, AI, machine learning, IoT, Blockchain and more are having across the globe.

Kyligence sponsored this wonderful gathering of data enthusiasts alongside other major names in the data and analytics space like Confluent and Databricks. In addition to throwing financial support behind the event, Kyligence also provided ideas in the form of a feature presentation made by CEO Luke Han.

2019 Big Things Conference Sponsors

Simplifying Data Analytics Over the Cloud

In his presentation, titled Simplifying Data Analytics Over the Cloud, Luke discussed how integrating and fully utilizing data is a critical prerequisite for ensuring the success of data-driven operations and decision making. This is especially true as more and more corporations begin transforming legacy data warehouses and transitioning to the Cloud.

Luke went on to say that simply having the ability to do unstructured data analysis, data mining and exploration is not enough, and this is what gave rise to the concept of the data lake. For those who are unfamiliar with the idea, data lakes collect and integrate raw data, allowing users to quickly extract that raw data from a unified source and then process it instantly for analysis, exploration, and mining.

Luke Han Talking About the Future of Big Data on the Cloud

Constructing Cloud Data Lakes with Kyligence and Apache Kylin

Bridging the gap between data lakes in theory and actually employing them in practice, Luke shared how Kyligence’s AI-augmented Big Data analytics management platform (using Apache Kylin at its core) makes the often-challenging task of building enterprise-scale data lakes fast an easy.

Luke then turned the discussion towards running analytics with data lakes of any size on the Cloud, using Kyligence’s Cloud product for Microsoft Azure as an example.

Kyligence Cloud is an end-to-end Big Data analytics service in the Cloud, leveraging cloud-native computing and storage resources. From data ingestion to data analysis, it’s able to simplify Big Data analytics in the Cloud, which can be very complex for large enterprises. Also helpful for these companies, Kyligence Cloud enables cluster deployment, enhanced data access, and dramatically accelerates data analysis.

Analytics with Kyligence Cloud on Microsoft Azure

It’s able to do this thanks to cloud native technology which fully leverages elastic computing and storage resources. This also has the added benefit of lowering the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) of Cloud.

Luke closed his presentation with a look at where the data and analytics environment was headed in regards to Hadoop and OLAP, and shared how that was shaping the development roadmaps of Big Data solutions like Kyligence.

Talking Big Data and OLAP at Big Things Conference 2019

Luke Han's Big Things Conference Presentation

The Kyligence team will be in attendance for both days of the conference, and we look forward to connecting with you to share where we see Big Data analytics going in 2020 and how Kyligence can help you prepare for what’s next. Stop by for a demo or request one online no matter where you are in the world.

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