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Play a Role in the Future of Big Data Analytics with Kyligence

Nov. 01, 2019

Here at Kyligence, we’re focused on helping organizations of all sizes make the most of their data. We know that the more data you have to work with the better the decisions you can make. We also know that utilizing all of that data the way you’d like with the tools you have isn’t always easy. This is why we’ve built Kyligence Enterprise, Kyligence Cloud, and now Kyligence Insight.

But our technology is only part of the solution, it’s the people that stand behind our solutions supporting them that have made Kyligence the global leader in high-performance Big Data analytics. Here’s one example of how our amazing team is having an impact on the world of Analytics.

The Challenges of the Data Lake

Big Data presents a lot of opportunities for businesses to develop better products, enhance their services, and get a leg up on the competition. As a result, organizations have wasted little time investing in new ways to collect as much relevant business data as possible. For these companies, data lakes have been a tremendous boon for helping them consolidate this data for analysis.

But the use of data lakes, even modern ones, have come at the cost of Business Intelligence (BI) tool performance that has many analysts struggling to help their businesses make use of all of this data. What are analytics teams to do?

Making the World of Big Data a Better Place

Engineer Todd Beauchene saw this challenge in the companies he was working with and wished there was a better way to help them ensure their Big Data initiatives could succeed. It was in his search for a solution that he discovered Kyligence. Today, Todd has taken on the role of Senior Solutions Architect for Kyligence and is working directly with some of the world’s most well-known brands to help them transform their data challenges into solutions for their most important data-driven initiatives.

The biggest business innovations of the next century will be powered by Big Data, and Todd will play a major role in making sure those innovations take place. You can read about his entire career journey and his take on the challenges posed by data lakes in his latest post on LinkedIn.

And if helping the world harness the power of Big Data is something that interests you, we’ve got good news! Kyligence is always hiring for a variety of roles across all disciplines. Apply today, we’d love to work with you.

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