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Accelerate Time-to-Insight with Azure Synapse Analytics

Jennifer Li
Senior Director, Partnerships
May. 21, 2020

What is Azure Synapse?

Data is the currency of all digital transformation. From collection, connection, and preparation, all the way through performing analysis, the data you use, and how that data is managed throughout the entire data value chain, is critical for supporting intelligent decision making in business and the development of new technologies. 

Traditional data warehouses have limited the power data professionals have for accessing the data they need and preforming analysis in a timely manner. The data being imported into data warehouses is often static datasets which have the least flexibility when it comes to generating specific answers. For business analysis, it may also require the data to be transformed and cleansed which could take several days or weeks.

Our partner Microsoft Azure Synapse makes data accessible to everyone and is breaking the boundaries between data lakes and data warehouses to offer a rich analytics experience. Azure Synapse is a next-generation Azure SQL Data Warehouse solution that provides a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics.

It gives users the freedom to query data using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources—at scale, accelerate their time-to-insight, and allows their business to go from BI to AI with one simple solution.

Kyligence works seamlessly with Azure Synapse and handles the connection of your data from AI to BI.

Kyligence and Microsoft Solution
How Kyligence Works with Microsoft

The Kyligence Engine

Kyligence builds an AI-Augmented OLAP model on top of Azure Synapse which provides sub-second responses against extremely large datasets. The OLAP engine aggregates the data in the model into smaller cell-like cuboids.

When a user queries data through the BI layer, queries are sent to the model and the model returns a response in under a second. In cases where the model is not able to answer a query, or a query requires non-aggregated transaction level details, it is “pushed down” to the data source.

Kyligence also supports unlimited concurrency and has no restriction on the number of users.

The addition of Azure Synapse creates a solution that is ideal for handling detailed queries at this level that can quickly turnaround a response from the data warehouse.

Kyligence supports 100% ANSI SQL and provides a query interface for requesting the data through a built-in SQL studio-like interface. Data can also be requested via a robust set of API’s.

Additionally, Kyligence supports AI-driven auto-modeling and adaptive schema so building and maintaining the model is seamless.

The Kyligence Semantic Layer

Kyligence's semantic layer provides a single governed source for major BI tools like Power BI and Excel to consume data in a consistent format. The semantic layer allows for the renaming of columns to business-friendly names which can be leveraged by all of your BI tools. This helps ensure the consistency of attributes across various BI tools.

The semantic layer also enables the creation of hierarchies that can be used for drill-down analysis. These hierarchies can be exposed to Power BI and Excel while calling on the Kyligence engine to provide near-instant results.

In addition to all of this, Kyligence's semantic layer also allows for MDX, which can be used to create calculated measures with complex MDX functions. These calculated measures are available to the BI tools and render very complex analytics in under a second.

Security and access controls are built in, allowing only authorized users to see tables, attributes, measures, hierarchies and calculated measures.

Our Value Proposition and Customer Use Cases

Only when everyone in your organization has access to timely insights can you achieve a truly data-driven culture. Companies drive results when they break down their data silos and establish a shared context of their business based on trusted data.

While more and more customers are moving their data warehouse or analytics environment onto the Cloud, oftentimes, data is left sitting on-premises or in multiple areas (e.g. an OLTP system). Working together, Azure Synapse and Kyligence can unlock unbeatable performance and powerful insights across your entire organization.

To streamline things further, Kyligence will soon be integrating into Synapse’s workspace to provide a truly unified end-to-end experience for our customers.

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