Kyligence MDX

Eliminate data silos, unify data definitions, and boost time-to-insight for fast, powerful decisions.

A single source of truth for business

Kyligence provides a unified platform for all your data sources including database, data warehouse, cloud storage and streaming data.

Through our standard MDX interface, IT is able to break down data silos across legacy systems, define standardized indicators, and provide a single source of truth to the organization, enabling your business to accumulate and manage high-value data assets and make more accurate decisions that utilize all of your data.

Kyligence Unified Semantic Layer Architecture Diagram

Define once. Use everywhere.

Kyligence helps companies build a unified and shared business semantic model and maps complex data into business language. It also synchronizes business definitions like measures, dimensions, and hierarchies that are well understood by your business users. Kyligence Unified Semantic Layer and Kyligence MDX connects to all major BI tools including ExcelPower BITableau, and MicroStrategy. 

Identify business performance with centralized time-related calculation

IT and data users can easily define the business' most important time-related measures such as year-to-date and year-over-year calculations.

Users can directly consume these measures via the Kyligence Semantic Layer on the business intelligence (BI) tools of their choice.

Make sense of complex data

Easily handle complex scenarios such as many-to-many relationships, multi-fact tables, and semi-additive measures with our powerful OLAP engine.

Unify your security policy

Enterprises can apply a consolidated security policy to Kyligence and that policy will be effective in all downstream systems. This reduces the risk of applying multiple security policies.

Kyligence incorporates project-level, table-level, and cell-level access control that provides IT the flexibility to grant access at any granular level, by user or user group.

Governance. Intelligence. Efficiency.

Kyligence can help Businesses
Kyligence can help IT

Use Case Spotlight

Upgrading to a one-stop Big Data solution

The Challenge

A restaurant business required complicated data modeling, advanced measure calculations, and flexible analytics calculations to support its business decision making.

The company hoped to expand analysis scenarios across more than 50 billion lines of data for sales, product, and user behavior analysis. Their existing architecture, however, could not support these increased demands.

The business also wanted to keep using Excel as their front-end tool.

The Solution

The company adopted Kyligence Enterprise on top of their on-premises Hadoop platform which allowed them to deliver a high-performance, high-concurrency query service.

They also leveraged Kyligence MDX to take advantage of its Unified Semantic Layer and integrated the semantic layer seamlessly with their Excel and Tableau BI tools.

What customers are saying

Kyligence provides a one-stop Big Data solution that perfectly supports our business analytics scenarios and greatly improves the efficiency of data analytics. Even better, we didn't need to replace our existing analysis tools for a truly seamless upgrade.
A Fortune 500 Restaurant Chain
Head of Big data Department

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