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Kyligence Brings Simplification to Data Processes for Analytics

Learn how Kyligence Cloud 4.5 can help streamline analytics and significantly improve workflows across all departments.

Metrics Store Overview

Learn the ins and outs of the metrics store and how it can help enterprises achieve metrics consistency, reusability, self-service definition, and scalability.

Kyligence Cloud 4.5 Data Sheet

Learn how you can simplify multi-dimensional analytics for cloud data lakes with an Intelligent OLAP Platform.

Overview of the Semantic Layer

Learn the importance of the semantic layer, how you can leverage it, and a deep dive into the key features of the semantic layer.

OLAP on the Data Lake

Learn how you can optimize your cloud data lake for both business value and cost.

Kyligence Managed Services

Learn how Kyligence Managed Services helps enterprises reduce infrastructure and labor costs in the data and analytics processes.

Kyligence and Apache Kylin Technical Overview

Learn how you can achieve performance, efficiency, scalability and security for your data engineering and analytics workloads on the cloud.

Upgrading SSAS to Big Data White Paper

Learn about the challenges SSAS and traditional OLAP face in the Big Data era and how you can effectively overcome them.

Best Practices for Actionable Data-Driven Insights

Learn how the largest financial organizations accelerate their Big Data analytics to drive faster insights with this free book.
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