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Big Data Analytics in Excel

As data volumes have rapidly increased, traditional data warehouses and OLAP technologies have been unable to meet the needs of Excel users.

Critical Elements for Implementing Self-Service BI Analytics

Learn the challenges and solutions for developing a robust, flexible, and fast data architecture that ensures all this analysis can take place at the speed of business.

OLAP: The Key to Efficient, Scalable,Cost-Effective Data Lake Analytics

Learn how OLAP has evolved to meet the data analytics needs of the cloud age and which specific benefits OLAP delivers as a solution for data lake analytics.

Kyligence and Apache Kylin Technical Overview

Learn how you can achieve performance, efficiency, scalability and security for your data engineering and analytics workloads on the cloud.

Upgrading SSAS to Big Data White Paper

Learn about the challenges SSAS and traditional OLAP face in the Big Data era and how you can effectively overcome them.
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