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Simplified multidimensional analytics on data lake


A Unified, Cloud-Native Data Services and Management Platform

A Unified, Cloud-Native Data Services and Management Platform

Kyligence Cloud is an Intelligent OLAP Platform on the cloud that enables fast, elastic, and cost-effective analytics on the cloud with any data lake and at any scale. Kyligence Cloud combines a unified semantic layer, all-inclusive OLAP, and AI-Augmented engine to simplify and automate cloud analytics.  

Extreme Performance

Kyligence Cloud provides high-performance Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services on the cloud. Allow analysts to uncover new insights from their most valuable data anywhere and at any time.

High Concurrency

Kyligence Cloud stably supports high-concurrency queries, allowing 10,000+ concurrent users to easily receive query results on Big Data in less than one second.


Kyligence Cloud provides automatic, elastic scaling according to the workload, reducing the complexity of operation and maintenance, improving resource utilization, and reducing TCO.

Security and Reliability

Kyligence provides role-based access control and granular access controls and enables the assignment of different data access permissions to specific users down to the cell level.

High Availability

Kyligence Cloud provides an active high availability (HA) deployment on the cloud with a cloud-native read-write separation architecture, ensures the stability of the mission-critical analytics, and avoids the impact of potential hardware or system failure.

Easy Operation

With the built-in task scheduler to automatically trigger automated cluster operation, and rule-based cluster elastic scaling, Kyligence Cloud completely liberates IT administrators and cloud infrastructure teams from their operational and maintenance burdens.

Governed Data Marts

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Kyligence Intelligent OLAP Platform on the cloud provides analysts and business users with a unified, governed, and optimized semantic layer. Through multiple interfaces -such as SQL, MDX, and RESTAPIs - users can seamlessly connect their various business applications, popular BI tools, and AI/ML environments without disruption and retraining.  

AI-Augmented Engine

AI-Augmented Engine

Kyligence Cloud provides a built-in AI-augmented engine offering sub-second response times for standard SQL queries on petabyte-scale datasets. This enhanced data analysis experience allows business users to quickly unlock the value hidden within massive amounts of data, driving deeper insights and better business decisions.

Maximize the Value of Your Data on Cloud

Integrate seamlessly with major cloud vendors, combine cloud-native data sources, and help enterprises make the best use of data assets on the cloud. Support data ingestion from different sources, including cloud data warehouses and cloud data lakes, while providing a unified interface for downstream applications.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

Security is our top priority. Kyligence offers administrators granular permission controls at the user cell (row and column) level and provides end-to-end data encryption, data backup, and recovery mechanisms to deliver the highest levels of service security possible.

Democratize BI Analytics

Kyligence transparently connects with all popular BI platforms and provides built-in self-service visualization tools, enabling business users to easily consume the data from any business intelligence product of their choices on the cloud.

Support Multiple Ways of Deployment

Support Multiple Ways of Deployment

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Check out the Kyligence Cloud QuickStart Guide.

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