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AI-Augmented Engine

Leveraging the intelligent AI-Augmented engine, Kyligence helps data modelers reduce the difficulty of modeling to better serve business users and improve the efficiency of data analysis.​


AI-Augmented Data Services and Management Platform

Kyligence Architecture diagram 2022 light
Kyligence Architecture diagram 2022 light

AI-Augmented Data Services and Management Platform

Kyligence provides a built-in AI-augmented engine offering sub-second response times for standard SQL queries on petabyte-scale datasets. This enhanced data analysis experience allows business users to quickly unlock the value hidden within massive amounts of data, driving deeper insights and better business decisions.

High Performance

Provides sub-second high-performance OLAP of massive amounts of data to help business users gain instant insights anytime, anywhere.

High Concurrency

Steadily supports high-concurrency queries and easy scale-out, allowing for ultra-high-concurrency scenarios in which tens of thousands of users are online.

High Reliability

Deploys multi-level data backups, recovery mechanisms, and row- and column-level data control for all-around security on premises or on the cloud.

Simplifies Modeling and Improves Efficiency

Simplifies Modeling and Improves Efficiency

Kyligence removes the high barrier to entry in conventional modeling by reducing the expertise needed to develop and design models.


Powered by machine learning, the AI-augmented engine uses the actual characteristics of business data and user queries to predict business analysis scenarios and provide design suggestions. Users can simply accept optimizations to models suggested by the system to simplify the modeling work and get started quickly.

Democratization of Data Analysis

Democratization of Data Analytics

By intelligently automating the modeling process, Kyligence's AI-augmented engine systematizes technical tasks, empowering the business side of the enterprise and increasing efficiency. Through Kyligence, business personnel can use their BI tools for self-service analysis to uncover critical new business insights.

Responds to Changing Needs

Responds to Changing Needs

Kyligence AI-augmented engine enables users to build incremental changes to parts of data models and add or delete indexes as you go. Data models can respond to complex business scenarios and be flexibly adjusted to ever-changing business needs. In other words, the Kyligence engine intelligently accelerates the analysis of your most valuable data.

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