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Kyligence Releases ODBC Driver 2.0 to Provide Enterprise-Level Business Intelligence Tool Connectivity

Shanghai, China, December 12, 2017 - Kyligence announced the official release of its self-developed ODBC driver, Kyligence ODBC Driver 2.0 (Kyligence ODBC). We restructured the code base of Kyligence ODBC to simplify installation and deployment; optimize support for leading business intelligence and analytics software, such as Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy, QlikView, and Cognos; and natively support live connection with Tableau and Direct Query with Power BI.

It pushes SQL queries to Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP), our extreme OLAP on Hadoop solution for enterprise, on the backend and only returns the results to the connected BI software. This design enables data analysts and other end users to quickly access and analyze petabyte-scale data with sub-second latency through KAP, without having to first load data from their sources to local BI tools or BI servers.

KAP, powered by Apache Kylin, enables sub-second SQL query latency on petabyte-scale dataset. It supports various query interfaces, such as JDBC, ODBC, and REST API, while simplifying the connection with external applications. The existing Apache Kylin ODBC Driver cannot satisfy enterprise users’ needs for seamless integration with various Big Data analytics tools and methods in different scenarios. This challenge motivated our team to invest large development resources to make Kyligence ODBC, a cross-platform driver that meets our enterprise customers’ demand.

Kyligence ODBC not only supports all existing functionalities of Apache Kylin ODBC, but also enhances its support for over 90% of Tableau’s features. Combined with Tableau Live Connection or Power BI Direct Query, Kyligence ODBC allows Tableau and Power BI to send user queries to KAP’s query engine directly, to make getting instantaneous analytics results possible. This improvement significantly increases the query efficiency and interactive experience of these two leading BI tools.


Kyligence ODBC Deployment Window

Instructions for Using Kyligence ODBC:

  1. Kyligence ODBC is part of the KAP enterprise product line. KAP users may use it directly.
  2. Please select 32-bit or 64-bit installation package corresponding to your application.
  3. Kyligence ODBC can only connect with KAP and cannot connect with Apache Kylin.
  4. Windows compatibility is available in the current release. Linux compatibility will be available soon.
  5. Please download the latest Kyligence ODBC Driver from Kyligence official website [].

For more details, please refer to the related chapter in KAP manual

About Kyligence

Founded in early 2016, Kyligence was started by the original contributors to the open source Apache Kylin project and veterans of eBay’s Big Data team. Apache Kylin has gained wide industry recognition, including the InfoWorld Bossie Award for “The Best Open Source Big Data Tools” in 2015 and 2016. Its enterprise and big data analytics cloud version, Kyligence Analytics Platform, has been widely adopted by large companies in the financial, telecom, and manufacturing sectors in the APAC region.

Dual-headquartered in Shanghai and Silicon Valley, Kyligence is backed by top-tier investors like Redpoint Ventures and Shunwei Capital. For more information, please visit:

Kyligence Media Contact:

Kevin Xu