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Kyligence Launches Partner Certification Program to Foster Big Data Analytics and OLAP Technology Ecosystem

Shanghai, China, December 28, 2017 - Kyligence, a leading intelligent big data platform, unveils its Kyligence Certification Program (KCP) for partner organizations to provide enterprise customers with a trusted, end-to-end program that certifies connectivity and compatibility between Kyligence’s and its partners’ products. This program is designed to meet enterprise customers’ demand for seamless integration and high reliability between multiple solutions in the same vertical, while fostering a healthy and collaborative big data technology ecosystem.

Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP), the enterprise OLAP-on-Hadoop platform powered by the open source Apache Kylin project, is designed to enable sub-second SQL query latency on petabyte-scale datasets with high concurrency operating at web scale.

Functioning as the core data access layer, KAP abstracts away the underlying complexity of different data sources, and provides a single point of entry for multiple business intelligence and analytics applications with an industry standard SQL interface. This design dramatically simplifies the deployment and operation of big data analytics tools and applications, improves implementation efficiency, and reduces development cost.

With a rapidly changing big data technology landscape, large enterprises are having a difficult time selecting products from this diverse marketplace. The learning curve is high, and it is hard to know beforehand which solutions will integrate well with each other. KCP directly addresses this complexity by providing a trusted certification program that simplifies customers’ decision-making process.

Kyligence customers no longer need to worry about which technology will integrate with their existing systems, which business intelligence tools will work best with KAP, or whether their Hadoop distribution will be compatible with the tools they are considering. Customers can simply look to KCP to choose which one of our partners’ solutions will work well with KAP.

KCP is currently available to certify integration between KAP and any Hadoop distribution, BI solution vendor, or public cloud provider. We hope KCP will not only build win-win relationships between our products and that of our partners, but also foster a customer-friendly and collaborative ecosystem of big data technology solutions to help our enterprise users gain more value and insight from their data.

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About Kyligence

Kyligence Inc. is a leading big data intelligence company which focuses on big data analytic technology innovation. It is founded by the original contributors to Apache Kylin, a leading open source extreme OLAP for Big Data project. Kyligence is offering on-premises big data analytic platform- Kyligence Enterprise and its cloud product – Kyligence Cloud.

Dual-headquartered in Shanghai China and Santa Clara USA. Kyligence has strong backing from leading VCs, including Redpoint, Cisco, China Broadband Capital, Shunwei Capital and Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited).