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Announcing Kyligence Cloud 2.0 - An Intelligent Cloud Big Data Platform

Shanghai, China, July 5, 2018 - Today we’re proud to announce Kyligence Cloud 2.0, a simple, intelligent, and secure solution for moving big data analytics to cloud. In this new release, we’ve embedded our latest OLAP engine (Kyligence Enterprise 3.0), to accelerate your OLAP analytics and mission critical queries at interactive speed on PB-scale data.

Simple and Seamless User Experience

With the new UI of Kyligence Cloud 2.0, you can fulfill all tasks like deploying a cluster, connecting to various data source, modeling an OLAP cube, and analyzing data. Besides Azure and AWS, Kyligence Cloud also works on Aliyun and QingCloud, to help more customers move their big data analytics tools and methods to cloud.

Meanwhile, Kyligence Cloud adds new connectors to SQL Data Warehouse and Amazon Redshift, and works with industry-leading cloud-based enterprise data warehouse solutions to accelerate your mission critical queries at lightning-fast speed to deliver OLAP/BI applications to massive user bases.

Intelligent and Blazing Fast Extreme OLAP Engine

Kyligence Cloud 2.0 integrates our latest extreme OLAP engine Kyligence Enterprise 3.0. Both query engine and storage engine are fully optimized up to 3x faster performance and 50% less storage. With intelligent modeling based on SQL statements, we greatly simplify the process of building data models and hence accelerate the time from data to insights.

Auto Scaling

Harness the elastic feature of cloud computing, Kyligence Cloud can scale up/down cluster automatically according to current system workloads, highly optimizes TCO while comparing with clusters created for static maximum workload.

Simplified and Secured Infrastructure Management

For all supported cloud platforms, Kyligence Cloud can finish Hadoop cluster as well as KAP deployment within 30 minutes. You can manage your cluster like start/stop, upgrade, configure, in an easy-to-use web UI . Kyligence Cloud follows security best practices of cloud computing. Data access are fully secured at different levels and for different users by Kyligence Enterprise security.

Kyligence is looking forward to working with you together, harness the power of big data and cloud, to accelerate your digital transformation.

About Kyligence

Kyligence Inc. is a leading big data intelligence company which focuses on big data analytic technology innovation. It is founded by the early contributors to Apache Kylin, a leading open source extreme OLAP for Big Data project. Kyligence is offering on-premises big data analytic platform- Kyligence Enterprise and its cloud product – Kyligence Cloud.