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Top 5 Embedded Analytics Tools to Boost Your Business Success

Muhammad Ali Iqbal
Technical Writer
Oct. 05, 2023
Embedded analytics with Kyligence

Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential of your business data? Imagine a world where you have the power to transform raw numbers into actionable insights that propel your business toward unprecedented success. The amount of data organizations receive nowadays can be overwhelming. The challenge lies in deriving meaningful insights from this avalanche of information. That’s where embedded analytics tools come in. These tools integrate analytics capabilities directly into your existing applications, revolutionizing how you use data.


In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 embedded analytics tools that are revolutionizing the industry. These tools help businesses of all sizes improve their data strategies and achieve impressive results. No matter if you're a small startup or a big company, these 5 embedded analytics tools can help you gain an advantage and improve your operations and customer experiences.


So, are you ready? It’s time to harness the power of data and propel your organization to new heights!


What should An Embedded Analytics Tool Include?


Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing an embedded analytics tool.


Standard Features


Ability to transform data into a useful and relatable model embedded within a business application: With embedded business intelligence, users can transform raw data into a format that is easily understandable and relevant to their specific business needs. This allows for better data interpretation and decision-making within the application itself.


Creation of reports, dashboards, and visualizations: Embedded business intelligence software enables users to generate reports, design interactive dashboards, and create visualizations to represent data in a visually appealing and meaningful way. This enhances data comprehension and facilitates data-driven decision-making.


Integrability with business applications: Embedded business intelligence tools seamlessly integrate with existing business applications, ensuring a smooth user experience. The analytics capabilities become an integral part of the application, eliminating the need for users to switch between different tools or interfaces.


White labeling and seamless integration to match the look and feel of the application: Embedded business intelligence software offers white labeling options, allowing developers to customize the appearance and user interface to align with the branding and design of the business application. This creates a cohesive and consistent user experience.


Visualizations and reporting features to better illustrate data: Embedded business intelligence software provides a wide range of visualization options, allowing users to create visually appealing and informative charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data. This enhances data comprehension and simplifies complex information.


Support for self-service data modeling, blending, and discovery processes: Embedded business intelligence tools empower users to independently model and blend data from various sources, enabling them to gain deeper insights and discover patterns and trends. This self-service approach enhances data exploration and analysis capabilities.


Additional Features


Automodeling, collaboration and workflow, and search capabilities: Embedded business intelligence software often includes advanced features like automodeling, which automates the process of creating data models, collaboration and workflow tools to facilitate teamwork and streamline processes, and search capabilities to quickly locate and access specific data or insights.


Conversational interface for intuitive querying of data: The latest trend in embedded business intelligence is the adoption of conversational interfaces, allowing users to query data using natural language processing. This intuitive approach makes data exploration and analysis more accessible to a broader user base.


AI-powered insights to uncover hidden insights: Embedded business intelligence software leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover hidden insights within the data. These insights provide users with deeper understanding and help drive data-driven decision-making.


Considerations for data security and access control: Embedded business intelligence software ensures data security by offering features such as access control, allowing administrators to assign different levels of access to the platform. This safeguards sensitive data and ensures that only authorized users can view and interact with it.


Data security and access control considerations: Features to safeguard sensitive data.


The 5 Best Embedded Analytics Tools

  1. Kyligence for affordable all-in-one solution for growing teams
  2. Tableau for mature and stable for large enterprise
  3. ThoughtSpot for business user-friendly for middle to large enterprise
  4. Sigma for analytics on existing cloud data warehouse
  5. Domo for best for Customizable Visualizations & Dashboards
Tools Best for Highlighted Feature Pricing
Kyligence Affordable all-in-one solution for growing teams AI-powered insights, auto modeling, no or low code experience Starts at $59/month/User
Tableau Mature and stable for large enterprise Intuitive user interface, full-fledged features Starts at $75/month
ThoughtSpot Business user-friendly for middle to large enterprise Easy access to central cloud data repository Starts at $95/month
Sigma Analytics on existing cloud data warehouse Easy access to huge data without technical knowledge Custom pricing
Domo Best for customizable visualizations, and dashboards Build apps with low & pro-code tools Custom pricing
Pricing sheet for the top 5 embedded analytics tools

Kyligence - Affordable all-in-one solution for growing teams

Kyligence offers AI-powered embedded analytics solutions


  • Offers advanced AI-powered analytics, powerful analytics capabilities, and robust data security.
  • An all-in-one AI Copilot, data query engine, and visualization combined.



Kyligence has an AI Copilot for data analytics that offers a range of powerful features and highlights. It leverages advanced artificial intelligence to accelerate data analytics and gives businesses deep insights for informed decision-making, without the assistance of technical teams.


Kyligence’s embedded analytics capabilities allow seamless dashboards and AI copilots integration into applications with minimal code. With its robust data security measures, Kyligence ensures trustworthy and secure access to data and empowers businesses to drive growth through data-driven strategies.



The pricing plans start at $59 per user per month for individuals and small teams. It offers quick setup, up to 5000 AI chats/month, up to 100 GB storage, and up to 100,000 API calls/month. Premium and Enterprise+ plans are for teams and organizations.


Tableau - Mature and Stable for Large Enterprise

Embedded solutions offered by Tableau


  • It has a user-friendly data visualization interface.
  • Offers effortless integration with different data sources.


  • It can be quite expensive for teams with a limited budget
  • It can be quite difficult for non-technical business user to get started on Tableau.

Tableau is a comprehensive data and analytics platform that enables organizations to use data and drive better business outcomes responsibly. It offers integrated data management and governance, visual analytics, data storytelling, and collaboration features.


With Tableau, users can explore data through intuitive visualizations, and advanced analytics features that are good for advanced analysts to support business analytics.



Tableau’s Individual plan starts at $75/month, while Duo starts at $150 per month, billed annually.


ThoughtSpot - Business User-Friendly for Middle to Large Enterprise

AI-powered analytics offered by ThoughtSpot


  • Easy user-interface for those with challenging data.
  • Search data from global datasets quickly.


  • Limitations like lack of data parameter functionality.

Data transformation is not good enough (based on G2 reviews).


ThoughtSpot offers an AI-powered analytics platform that enables users to ask data questions in natural language and receive accurate answers. The platform connects directly to cloud data, eliminating the need for data movement or caching.



The pricing starts at $95/month for the Team plan, $1250/month for the Essentials plan, and $2500/month for the Pro plan.


Sigma - Analytics on Existing Cloud Data Warehouse

Scalable and simple embedded analytics solution offered by Sigma


  • It has superior real-time dashboard capabilities.
  • Easy to develop with and distribute to end users.


  • Lack of ability to download the complete table as PDF.
  • Lack of different types of visualizations like Waterfall charts.

Sigma is a powerful and scalable cloud analytics platform that allows business users to explore and analyze data from their cloud data warehouse easily. Sigma lets users access huge amounts of data, work together with others, and gain insights without needing coding or specialized training.



Contact support for custom pricing.


Domo - Best for Customizable Visualizations & Dashboards

Customizable embedded analytics solution offered by Domo


  • Highly effective for data collection and visualization.
  • Self-service BI tool, so it has abilities to solve any problem.


  • Cost is a bit high compared to the tool’s age.
  • Creative designs on dashboards can be tedious.

Domo is a comprehensive data platform that helps businesses make better decisions based on real-time data. With Domo, users can create customizable visualizations, automate reporting, build apps, and share data securely.



Contact their support for custom pricing.


Final Words - Which Embedded Analytics Tool You Should Use & Why?


When it comes to choosing the best embedded analytics tool for your business, Kyligence stands out from the rest as a all-in-one solution. With AI Copilot, data query engine, and visualization combined. Kyligence offers a cost-effective solution for you to build an embedded analytics platform.


Kyligence provides easy embedding that saves development time. Also it provides Tailored Embedding Options to Fit Your Needs: App builders can choose from embedding a dashboard or an AI copilot effortlessly with our Javascript SDK and a mere 10 lines of code.


For businesses looking to accelerate its Go-to-Market without the hassle of building in-app analytics from scratch, Kyligence is the top choice among embedded analytics tools. Try it now!