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Kyligence Robot (KyBot) for Extreme OLAP on Big Data GA 1.5 Release Notes

Oct. 16, 2017

Kyligence Robot (KyBot) is an online service for Apache Kylin users to optimize usage and performance. Built on the foundation and experience of helping hundreds of companies from banking and telecom to e-commerce and manufacturing who use Apache Kylin’s extreme OLAP technology for their Big Data operations, KyBot provides intelligent optimization and tuning suggestions for common issues, such as slow SQL, skew cube storage, and MapReduce/Spark job performance.

KyBot System Dashboard

Key Features:

System Dashboard
System Dashboard provides quick insight into Apache Kylin clusters to conduct health inspection. It provides an overview of OLAP cubes, query, job, storage, and user activity that can help your team perform runtime status evaluation and resource planning.

Intelligent Advisor
Intelligent Advisor automatically generates optimization suggestions using Machine Learning. It provides modeling suggestions to help your team easily optimize data modeling, cube design and query performance with no Apache Kylin expertise needed. Applying these suggestions will allow your team to focus more time on business needs and less on technical details.

OLAP Cube Optimizer
OLAP cube Optimizer provides a Data Model Score to expose any OLAP cube defects that may inhibit your data operations, such as poor query performance, slow job, wrong model design, insufficient cube usage, and skew storage. To fix such defects, OLAP cube Optimizer recommends best practice cube design that includes ideal dimensions, aggregation group settings, measurement settings, encoding algorithms, and rowkeyorders.

Job Diagnostics
Users can quickly identify job bottleneck and receive suggested solution with the visualization of the entire lifecycle of OLAP cube-building jobs.

Slow SQL Analysis
Some SQL analysis are mission critical for users that cannot suffer from slow performance. KyBot can pinpoint these slow SQL bottlenecks and provide suggested optimization measures by visualizing the entire query execution plan.

Knowledge Base
Users can find answers to their technical questions by leveraging articles of best practices and Q&A about Apache Kylin, based on the experience of hundreds of real-life use cases from in different industries, from banking and telecom to e-commerce and manufacturing.

Client Support
Service-Level Agreement support for commercial users with ticket management, log analysis and access to Apache Kylin experts.

Other Features:

One-Click Diagnostic Package Upload
Users can easily upload diagnostic package with custom time to KyBot in one click in Kyligence Analytic Platform (KAP), the enterprise version of Apache Kylin.

Auto Diagnostic Package Upload
With auto-upload enabled, KAP will automatically upload diagnostic packages to KyBot periodically.

KyBot currently supports Apache Kylin 1.5 and above and all versions of KAP.