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Apache Kylin on Apache Parquet – A New Storage and Compute Architecture

An introduction to Apache Kylin's new storage and compute architecture, Apache Parquet. This article introduces Kylin's query principles, Parquet storage, and accurate duplicate removal

by Jiatao Tao | Dec. 03, 2020

The World’s Largest Company Without a Data Warehouse: What We Learned from the Complete Removal of Oracle from

What we learned from the complete removal of Oracle from Learn why businesses are migrating traditional data warehouses to the cloud.

by Brian Chen | Sep. 24, 2020

Snowflake: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful for Interactive Analytics

Learn what Snowflake does best, the most common challenges users struggle with, and how to achieve beautiful interactive analytics in this paper.

by Kaige Liu | Sep. 03, 2020

How MDX Crushes SQL in Complex Queries

This article will introduce the difference between MDX and SQL starting with some basic concepts, BI semantic models, and analysis scenarios.

by Wenzheng Liu | Aug. 27, 2020

What’s New with Kyligence Cloud 3.2?

Discover what's new with the release of Kyligence Cloud 3.2 and how you can best take advantage of these new features and capabilities.

by Dong Li | Jul. 10, 2020

Why Kylin Is the Only OLAP Engine for Sub-Second Count Distinct Queries

Learn what sets Apache Kylin's OLAP approach apart from other analytics solutions that promise to deliver fast and accurate Count Distinct queries.

by Shaofeng Shi | Apr. 22, 2020

How Does Apache Kylin Achieve Precision with Count Distinct?

Read how Apache Kylin addresses the shortcomings of HyperLogLog (HLL) and Bitmap to deliver the fastest, most accurate Count Distinct queries.

by Shaofeng Shi | Apr. 21, 2020

What’s New with Apache Kylin 3.0?

Get an inside look at the latest release of Apache Kylin 3.0. See what's new, what's improved, and how you can start making the most of this major update.

by Samantha Berlant | Apr. 20, 2020

How Apache Kylin Is Rapidly Changing the Way We Approach Big Data

Find out why more and more organizations are making the move to open source and adopting Apache Kylin to accelerate their analytics on big data.

by Samantha Berlant | Apr. 03, 2020

Why Accuracy Is So Important for Distinct Counting

Here's why accuracy is just as critical as computational speed when it comes to using distinct counting with Big Data.

by Shaofeng Shi | Mar. 11, 2020

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