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Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 Release Announcement

Jul. 11, 2019

It's a pleasure to announce the general availability of Kyligence Enterprise 4.0.

Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 is an AI-Augmented Big Data analytics platform that enables everyone to become a citizen data scientist. By learning user analysis behavior and data characteristics, Kyligence Enterprise 4 automates the preparation of the data model and dramatically speeds up time-to-insight on massive datasets.

Based on Apache Spark computing architecture, Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 enables high-concurrency and sub-second query capabilities for large-scale data at the PB level, supporting critical business analysis in the financial, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail industries.


  • Rule-based Indexing: Setup rules to scope the queries for automated acceleration. Unsupervised machine learning to recommend index from query patterns
  • Adaptive Schema: A smart model adapts with flexible business demand. When source schema or model definition changes, users don't need to rebuild the whole model, the system will automatically refresh the impacted data in a cost-effective way. 


  • Self-Maintaining: The system can automate daily-operations to maintain a healthy running, based on user operation preference and cluster resources. 
  • Seamless BI Integration: Seamless integration with all popular Business Intelligence tools through SQL, MDX, or Rest API. 


  • Fully on Apache Spark: The optimized architecture runs fully on Spark, with simplified job steps and improved build-performance by 3x, while the unified architecture and storage format require fewer resources. 
  • Runs Anywhere: Simple deployment on-premise, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud. 

Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 is available starting today. You can learn more about it on our Kyligence Enterprise product page or by checking out our announcement here.