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Kylin Data Summit Hosted in Shanghai, Kyligence Announces Augmented Analytics Products

Kyligence, The leader in Big Data analytics, announces the release of Kyligence Enterprise 4.0, Kyligence Insight 1.0 and Kyligence Cloud 3 (Beta), offering an AI-Augmented Analytics approach to reduce the complexity of data analytics and speed up time-to-insight so that enterprises can take on the challenges of exponential growth and data variety with minimum human effort. 


San Jose, California, United States, July, 12, 2019 — On July 12, the first Kylin Data Summit was held in Shanghai, the first Kyligence User Conference. More than 800 guests from different regions and industries, experts from Gartner, Microsoft, eBay,China Construction Bank (CCB), China UnionPay,CPIC, SAIC GM, Didi and other companies provided insightful speeches at the summit.

At the keynote session, Julian Sun, Gartner Research Director shared the trend and future of big data technology, including augmented analytics, augmented data management and natural language processing. Thought leaders from CCB, eBay, and Microsoft also shared their insights on how big data empowers their business.


Kyligence Announces the Release of Three Major Products

At the Kylin Data Summit, Kyligence Co-Founder and CEO, as well as Apache Kylin Co-Founder and PMC Chairman, Luke Han announced the official releases of Kyligence Enterprise v4.0, Kyligence Insight v1.0, and Kyligence Cloud v3.0 (Beta), providing new enhancements to the world's leading big data OLAP analytics platform along with additional solutions for enterprises around the world.

Starting with open source Apache Kylin, it has evolved to offer a complete range of data analysis capabilities, which will further enhance the ability of enterprise customers in data management and analysis. Unveiling a complete overall picture of what’s next for Kyligence’s product portfolio.


Kyligence Enterprise v4.0

“As a pioneer of Augmented Analytics technology, the new generation of Kyligence Enterprise uses machine learning capabilities to further support Augmented Analytics, greatly lowers the learning curve of Big Data analytics and improves the efficiency of data analysis," Luke Han said at the summit.“At the same time, these game-changing architecture and technology innovations will eliminate the dependency on Hadoop, combining cloud-native and next-generation storage systems to provide enterprise customers with a future proof choice of big data technology from on-premises to multi-cloud."


Kyligence Insight v1.0

Powered by Apache Superset, Kyligence Insight provides a unified semantic layer, self-service analytics, and enhanced security for analysts looking to de-silo their analytics operations, further enhance data governance, and provide a unified metrics analysis library across their business. the new solution provides enterprises of any size the analytics capabilities they will need to ensure their data remains a strategic asset to their business.


Kyligence Cloud v3.0 (Beta)

From data ingestion to data analysis, this new generation of Kyligence Cloud services greatly simplifies the complexity of big data analytics on the cloud, enabling users to complete cluster deployment, data access, and data analysis in minutes. At the same time, cloud native technology removes the dependency on cloud Hadoop services, fully leveraging the cloud computing and cloud storage , combined with elastic computing capabilities, this new solution greatly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud for customers.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with our customers learning about their Big Data challenges and where their current solutions are falling short,” adds Luke Han. “Our new product porfilo are designed with these challenges in mind, and we’re extremely proud to be able to offer these products to our current and future customers iron those chellenges. We look forward to working closely with data-driven companies across every industry to help them drive the fastest possible insights from their analytics and start deriving real value from their data.”

Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 and Kyligence Insight 1.0 is available starting today. Users are welcomed to apply for Kyligence Cloud Beta Program. You can learn more about these three products at


Enterprise 4.0 Release Announcement

Kyligence Insight 1.0 Release Announcement


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