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Embracing Big Data and the Cloud: The Way Forward for SSAS Users

If your business has been considering ditching SSAS or you are starting the search for a new solution, this session was made for you.

Upgrade Your SSAS Environment


Discover how teams on SSAS can modernize their analytics to handle Big Data and the Cloud with the help of Augmented OLAP.


The One and Only SSAS Alternative You Need to Succeed With Big Data and the Cloud

You don't have to let SSAS dictate what's possible when it comes to your analytics. Kyligence makes it easy to get the scalability, high concurrency, and speed you need when working with Big Data, while also providing your organization a clear path to the Cloud.

If you're in search of new ways to enhance your current on-premises experience with SSAS or just need a streamlined way of migrating your workloads to the big data analytics cloud, this SSAS white paper can show you how to modernize your data infrastructure to handle today's biggest analytics challenges.


Get an Analytics Environment That’s Built to Take on Any Data-Driven Initiative


No matter how much data you work with or what tools and features you rely on, if you're using SSAS today, Kyligence Augmented OLAP can help you generate more insights faster than ever before.

This SSAS white paper offers a great deep dive into how you and your team can quickly and seamlessly transition from your dependence on SSAS OLAP to a next-generation platform built for Big Data and cloud analytics.

With this white paper you'll learn about:


  • Key challenges SSAS-based teams face when moving to Big Data and the Cloud and what to watch out for.
  • Critical capabilities SSAS is missing today that you'll want as you transition to Big Data and the Cloud.
  • How Kyligence approaches these challenges and where Augmented OLAP can help you.


Don't settle for an analytics environment that can't keep up with your modern Big Data and Cloud needs. Download now!

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