Embrace Big Data with High-Performance Power BI Analytics

Supercharge your analytics, even as your datasets scale into the petabytes, with the leading solution for fast business intelligence (BI) on Big Data.

Go from Big Data to big insight faster than ever before

The nature of data analytics work continues to evolve, and so have the expectations analysts have for the tools they use. Being able to support Big Data is now table stakes for organizations in every industry competing in today's data-driven marketplace. Unfortunately, many of the critical BI tools businesses have come to rely on are no longer sufficient on their own where speed and scalability are concerned.

Challenges like this that are what's driving an increasing number of companies to adopt Kyligence's Augmented OLAP platform to help them enhance Power BI's performance and functionality on Big Data.


Powerful performance for all of your Microsoft analytics tools

From Power BI to Excel, Kyligence Augmented OLAP offers the only platform that delivers the fastest analytics speeds on Big Data for all of your BI tools - both on-premises and on the Cloud.

Look no further for the absolute best way to upgrade Power BI's performance on massive datasets while also unifying your analytics infrastructure to save time for IT and reduce costs for the business. With Kyligence, you can expect:

  • A Seamless integration experience with Kyligence and Power BI.
  • Blazing fast analytics on even the largest datasets.
  • Intelligent auto-modeling that reduces implementation time.
  • Seamless migration from your Data Warehouse to a Big Data architecture.

Discover how else Kyligence can improve Power BI and the rest of your analytics tools with this overview of Kyligence solutions.

Enhance your business analytics on Big Data with Kyligence for Power BI

Offer your analytics teams a BI environment that provides the lightning-fast performance on Big Data they need to work quickly while also enabling an unmatched level of interactivity and self-service that ensures they're always able to ask the right questions for the most impactful insights.

See which Kyligence solutions are right for your organization's needs and how they can enhance Power BI and the rest of your analytics tools on Big Data with this comprehensive overview of Kyligence that includes:



Get started today, and learn why 1,000s of enterprises have already made the move to Kyligence Augmented OLAP for accelerating their analytics on Big Data. Download now!

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