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OLAP on the Data Lake

Learn how you can optimize your cloud data lake for both business value and cost.

Accelerate Your Time-To-Insight of Data Lake and Save Cost


Cloud-based data lakes offer excellent elastic scaling, unmatched disaster recovery, and nearly unlimited storage, all at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). However, it still falls short of enterprise expectations when it comes to production-level delivery.


 If you struggle with issues such as slow query speeds, poor performance and ever-increasing costs when dealing with the size and complexity of modern data analytics work, it's time to consider Kyligence distributed OLAP, which provides production-level query latency and concurrency, and works directly on your data lake. It features:


  • Cloud-Native SQL on Data Lake
  • Elastic and Distributed OLAP
  • Unified Data Services
  • Seamless BI Integration


Read this technical solution overview to learn more!

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