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Kyligence Releases Cloud Native OLAP for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Kyligence announces the general availability of Kyligence Cloud 3.0, an end-to-end cloud-native OLAP solution to accelerate time-to-insight and reduce the complexity of cloud data analytics.


New York City, New York, United States, September, 25, 2019 — Kyligence, the leader in AI-augmented data management and analytics, announced today at the Strata Data Conference in New York City, the release of its new end-to-end cloud native OLAP solution: Kyligence Cloud 3.0 for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Kyligence Cloud 3.0 simplifies the cloud analytics experience while providing record-breaking levels of performance at web scale.

“Businesses are shifting an increasing amount of data onto the cloud to improve their organizational agility and keep IT costs in line, but many are struggling to effectively transition analytics to the cloud and their Big Data initiatives are suffering from that,” says Founder and CEO of Kyligence, Luke Han. “We’ve built Kyligence Cloud with the purpose of simplifying Big Data analytics in the cloud. While this lowers the TCO, it also delivers unmatched performance and high concurrency OLAP for cloud data.”

To do this, Kyligence Cloud 3.0 employs cloud-native computing and storage infrastructure that can operate directly against Snowflake and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, as well as on Azure Blob Storage and AWS S3. With its easy-to-use semantic layer and AI-augmented analytics capabilities, Kyligence Cloud 3.0 allows analysts and business users to quickly get the answers they need with self-service analytics in the cloud, reducing their reliance on IT.

Kyligence Cloud 3.0 is a game-changing cloud native OLAP solution that fully leverages cloud computing and the benefits of cloud storage, eliminating dependencies on Hadoop. This new change offers users the flexibility to run Kyligence Cloud 3.0 in standalone mode, relying purely on the cloud, or in compatible mode against cloud Hadoop deployments which will continue to support large investments organizations have already made in their Hadoop stacks. Multi-cloud capabilities also make it possible for users to deploy mission-critical analytics across the cloud for distributing assets, redundancies, and applications.

Kyligence Cloud 3.0 is available starting today. You can learn more about the release of Kyligence Cloud 3.0 here or request a free trial here.

For further information regarding Kyligence Cloud 3.0 and the entire suite of Kyligence Big Data analytics products, visit the Kyligence Cloud product page or login at to learn more.


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