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Kyligence Announces General Availability of Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 and Kyligence Cloud 2.0 Big Data Platforms

Shanghai, China, July 5, 2018 – Today, we are excited to announce the general available of Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 along with Kyligence Cloud 2.0. Together, these products help analysts manage insights from massive datasets with a game-changing intelligent modeling engine and high performance from on-premise to in the cloud.

Intelligent SQL Accelerator

Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 provides a game-changing intelligent data modeling extreme OLAP engine. It suggests data models based on the user’s query history automatically, which greatly simplifies data preparation. It also supports multiple pre-aggregation optimization strategies to save storage and intelligent performance tuning to accelerate queries.

High Performance

Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 adds a high-performance distributed query engine and storage engine. Compared with previous-generation product, it saves 50% of storage space while increases query speed by 15 times. And Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 has significant advantages over other SQL-on-Hadoop engines on the market, especially in aspects of QUERY COMPLETION and QUERY PERFORMANCE.  It helps users to speed up SQL-on-Hadoop applications without changing existing tools.

Unified Data Analytic Platform

Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 introduces a fusion architecture which enables sub-second query latency for key metrics and supports self-service business intelligence and analytics exploration on massive datasets. It introduces Smart Pushdown engine which works with multiple SQL-on-Hadoop engines including Hive, SparkSQL and Impala, and it can also pushdown to a traditional RDBMS like Greenplum, Netezza, SQL Server and more will come soon.

Streaming OLAP

Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 supports Kafka as data source which enabled application to consume streaming data allowing users to build real time application for business.

About Kyligence

Kyligence Inc. is a leading big data intelligence company which focuses on big data analytic technology innovation. It is founded by the early contributors to Apache Kylin, a leading open source extreme OLAP for Big Data project. Kyligence is offering on-premises big data analytic platform- Kyligence Enterprise and its cloud product – Kyligence Cloud.