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Cloudera Enters into Strategic Big Data Analytics Partnership with Kyligence

Beijing, China, August 3, 2016 – The leading big data intelligence company Kyligence announced the official release of the enterprise big data analytics platform – KAP (Kyligence Analytics Platform). The platform is an enterprise ready business analytics product, powered by Apache Kylin, enables fast insight into petabyte-scale data with sub-second latency and SQL query capabilities on Apache Hadoop.

KAP fills emerging needs of Big Data ecosystem to enable enterprise data warehouse and extreme OLAP analytics on top of Apache Hadoop, offering interactive query capability for analysts to build data model and analyze data in a self-service manner. KAP supports existing intelligence and visualization tools. With familiar concepts and experience, analysts could directly leverage KAP’s power to analyze hundreds of billions of data records on Big Data tech stack without learning curve. The enterprise product is fully compatible with the open source Apache Kylin, users can seamlessly migrate to KAP for enterprise-class features, including better performance, user management, enhanced security and data encryption, built-in web analyzer, management and service, etc.

Meanwhile, Kyligence announced a strategic partnership with Cloudera, the global provider of the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies.. Kyligence will be officially certified by Cloudera. Cloudera also will be the big data management and analytical platform partner certified by Kyligence. The two parties will work together to build a more complete Big Data ecosystem.

As Kyligence being the important partner of Cloudera in intelligent analytics platform, products and solutions, both parties will take leverage the joint advantages and work together to explore more than 50 billion dollars of big data market in future, rapidly respond to the changing needs of the booming Chinese market. The intelligent big data analytics platform and solutions will help enterprises more accurately predict the future from a strategic point of view, and from marketing perspective, provide more precise marketing and customer service, therefore create more value from the data.

“The partnership with Cloudera, will bring OLAP technology of Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) and its powerful functions of sub-second response with high concurrency to our customers and partners.” Kyligence co-founder and CEO Luke Han said, “It will make data analytics technology go further, promote the innovation and development of big data management and analytics, which aligns with Kyligence’s belief in focusing on technological innovation, using open source technology to drive enterprise big data development and to build a sound big data analytics ecosystem.”

“We’re very pleased to work with Kyligence and the team that created the Kylin project and contributed it to the Apache Software Foundation,” said Mike Olson, founder and chief strategy officer at Cloudera. “Based on Apache Kylin, the KAP big data analytics platform will unlock more value from big data. Business intelligence and analytic processing are critical workloads for the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Our customers need those capabilities. By working together, Cloudera and Kyligence can offer powerful solutions to domestic and foreign big data markets.”

The next step, both parties will work more closely in many ways from ensuring technology innovation, furnishing customers with big data analytics solutions that are easy for deployment, to providing professional Kyligence and Cloudera certification training for end users. And customized big data analytics solutions will be offered to clients from financial, telecommunications, retail, consumer goods and the Internet industries. The two sides will work together to help enterprise customers gain the infinite value of big data and create sustainable business development.

About Kyligence

Kyligence is a leading Big Data intelligence company focusing on the innovation of big data analytics, providing enterprise ready intelligent analytics platform and products powered by Apache Kylin, to empower users gain speedy insights in massive scale data sets to drive business growth.

Kyligence is the first start-up company formed by the early contributors of the top level project in China, the company is committed to further promote the development and evolution of the open source project Apache Kylin, provide Apache Kylin based big data analytics products and services, and expand the global user community to build a richer ecosystem.

Apache Kylin is top-level project of ASF which just open source one year or so but has been adopted quickly by multiple companies as a key component of big data analytics platform, including eBay, Expedia, Exponential, Baidu,, Meituan, NetEase, China Mobile, and more are coming.

The company has received millions of dollars in seed round investment from Redpoint Ventures in early of 2016.

About Cloudera

Cloudera delivers the modern data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies. The world’s leading organizations trust Cloudera to help solve their most challenging business problems with Cloudera Enterprise, the fastest, easiest and most secure data platform available for the modern world. Our customers efficiently capture, store, process and analyze vast amounts of data, empowering them to use advanced analytics to drive business decisions quickly, flexibly and at lower cost than has been possible before. To ensure our customers are successful, we offer comprehensive support, training and professional services.

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