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Data as Product

The Growing Importance of Data Products

As Software has eaten the world, every software company is becoming a SaaS Company, and every SaaS company has a massive volume of data. As organizations transition to data-driven decision-making, they require the adopted SaaS products to provide in-product analysis abilities or data API to support their thriving needs for data.

What Is a Data Product?


You might have the same question in mind as me: What exactly is a data product? As defined by DJ Patil, the U.S. Chief Data Scientist, a data product is "a product that facilitates an end goal through the use of data."


A data product can sometimes be the synonym of data application; for the general consumer, as we all experience in our daily life, it can be either a digital banking statement or a Covid-19 cases tracker.

data as product diagram

Four Types of Data Product

data as product diagram

The Benefits of Data Products


The Benefits of Data Products

The Data Economy

Maintaining data assets is a cost, but turning them into products generates business value (and revenue).

Agile and Flexible Business

Product can scale with business expansion but not the data, as data itself cannot be scalable without a companion architecture.

Democratize Your Data

Everyone can interact with a product, but not necessarily a dataset!


Kyligence helps financial services, retail, and SaaS enterprises build data products. Here are two examples:

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