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What’s New with Kyligence Cloud 3.2?

Dong Li
Head of Product, Kyligence
Jul. 10, 2020

Kyligence Cloud (KC) is Kyligence’s cloud native intelligent analytics service. Currently, KC can be deployed on Azure and AWS and will support Google Cloud Platform later this year.

Whether your data is stored in cloud storage systems or cloud data warehouses, Kyligence Cloud intelligently identifies the questions analysts will ask and prepares the answers using its unique precomputation technology.

Kyligence Cloud provides unmatched performance and scalability to the most demanding enterprise customers, at a fraction of the Total Cost when compared to other analytics or data warehouse solutions.

Earlier this month, Kyligence released Kyligence Cloud 3.2. The latest update focused on improving stability and security to offer the most robust cloud analytics platform.

Following are the key features in KC 3.2:

  • Upgraded Core Engine: The new KC is now built on Kyligence Enterprise 4.1, which provides better performance, higher reliability, and a more streamlined user experience.
  • High Availability for core services to meet the stringent SLA requirements of enterprise customers.
  • Enhanced Security: KC leverages the native cloud security framework to meet enterprises’ security and compliance requirements.
  • Improved User Access Management: KC includes native support for services such as Active, unified user authentication, and more granular access control.

Updated Core Engine

Kyligence Cloud is built on top of Kyligence Enterprise. In KC 3.2, we upgraded the core module to the latest KE release, version 4.1. Compared with earlier versions, KE 4.1 has better performance, is more stable, and has overall better usability.

KE 4.1 allows for more flexibility when building a pre-aggregate index. The time ranges of incremental build don’t have to be continuous; this allows the business to build segments for the time ranges needed more urgently first. The build tasks can be interrupted or stopped at any time, and restarted later, to preserve compute and storage resources.

KC also enhanced its storage services to better handle consistency and reliability issues found in the cloud native storage layer.

For other features in KE, please visit

Highly Available Critical Service Modules

High availability is a must-have requirement for an enterprise-grade platform like Kyligence. Core services need to be able to recover automatically in case of hardware and software failure to avoid system downtime.

In Kyligence Cloud 3.2, KC engine nodes, management nodes, and Zookeeper nodes are critical modules. Users simply need to turn on the “High Availability” switch to make these core modules highly available.

Kyligence Cloud Version Display

Users can also add more engine nodes to improve the concurrency of query and build tasks, this further eliminates the bottleneck of the system.

Kyligence Cloud Engine Node

Enhanced Security

In KC 3.2, we hardened the security by leveraging the native security features in the cloud.

Kyligence Cloud Native Security

The first improvement we made was to control external accesses to the platform. By default, we disabled the visiting from public network through IP bindings in the inbound rules of the security group.

Secondly, accessing data sources are now done through VPC terminal nodes with SSL encryption to protect data in motion.

Lastly, we implemented stricter password and encryption policies. Through the unified and multi-layer security measures, Kyligence Cloud can meet the security and compliance requirements and protect the safety of enterprise data assets.

Enhanced User and Access Management

Most enterprise IT departments have their own Identity Management system to centrally manage user authentication and authorization.

In KC 3.2, we added support for integration with third party user authentication systems, such as LDAP, Active Directory, etc., for consolidated authentication services.

Customers can integrate with Azure Active Directory to manage users and implement Single Sign On with other Azure services.

Kyligence Cloud Integration

In addition to the enhanced authentication mechanism, the latest version of KC also added more granular user role management and data access control. Different users have different project privileges.

We also simplified the process to set table, row, and column access so that different users can get different views of data.

Other New Features in Kyligence Cloud 3.2

There are some other new features worth mentioning:

  • Enhanced System Stability: Like any other cloud product, Kyligence Cloud leverages many underlying cloud services. In this version, KC is more robust and can remain stable even if the underlying cloud infrastructure services are unstable.
  • Optimized Data Sources Support: Data Sources can be shared across multiple projects in a workspace to reduce administration overhead for better user experiences.
  • Support of Custom Tags: Customers can define custom tags when creating cloud resources such as VMs to support enterprise cloud management requirements such as cost analysis and resource management needs.

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