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What is Headless BI and Why It Matters?

Sean Zong
Cloud & Big Data Trainer
Jun. 05, 2023

Headless BI: What It Is and Why It Matters


As more and more people use data-driven management, they also use Business Intelligence tools to analyze and visualize data. But BI tools, like Tableau and Power BI, have one fatal limitation: users can only use the metrics they’ve defined within the visualization tool. This can cause problems if the same metric is used in different places.


To solve this problem, headless BI separates metric definition from visualization. This means that the team that owns the metrics only has to define them once, and they can be used in many different ways. Headless BI makes it easier to use metrics in other tools, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) integrations and API-oriented systems. This enables new use cases that were not possible with visualized-first BI, while also reducing the risk of inconsistencies.


Platforms that use headless BI separate data metrics from presentation layers. This makes it faster to implement metric definitions and keeps consistency across all BI applications. Headless BI is great for people who want to be agile and flexible with their data products.

Headless BI Positioning (From Headless Business Intelligence by Ankur Goyal and Alana Anderson)

Benefits of Headless BI


Headless BI is a new way for companies to use data more effectively, making business operations better. It's a modern business intelligence method that separates the analysis from the presentation. Let's take a closer look at some of its benefits.


Making metrics reusable


Headless BI makes it easier to analyze data by using the same metrics and definitions everywhere. This helps people make better decisions and follow the rules better. Also, because everyone is using the same set of definitions, teams can work faster, reduce costs, and avoid defining the same metrics repetitively.


Resiliency in data engineering


Headless BI provides resiliency for data engineers by allowing updates to the underlying data structure or migration to a different data warehouse without disrupting end-users or tools that depend on those metrics. This allows data engineers to build a more robust and easier-to-maintain system. It also streamlines testing and deployment procedures, as updates can be made without interrupting the user interface layer.


Agility for business users


Previously, the definition of business metrics was limited to one specific way of consuming them - data visualizations - which restricted the scope of BI tools. By contrast, Headless BI enhances agility for business users by providing a new way to consume their business metrics.  


This new approach allows business users to access data from multiple places, especially within the business applications they use daily. For example, a marketing person might want to consume the metric "lead scores" in the marketing automation tool in order to define an email marketing campaign based on the contact's lead score.


Embedded analytics-friendly


Headless BI is embedded analytics-friendly, making it ideal for businesses aiming to provide a personalized customer experience and optimize their operations. Metrics formulated through headless BI are highly reusable and composable, allowing multiple uses in different contexts.  


Data engineers can build data products within business applications or build composable data products easily for businesses.


Kyligence Zen - The Metrics Platform


Kyligence Zen is the go-to low-code metrics platform that defines, collects, and analyzes your business metrics. It empowers users to connect their data sources quickly, define their business metrics, uncover hidden insights in minutes, and share them across their organization.

  Kyligence Zen Architecture (From Kyligence)

To facilitate metrics-driven decision-making processes, Kyligence Zen offers a range of features:


Metrics Catalog


Make sure everyone is on the same page with a unified metrics catalog. Align the definition of metrics across your entire organization, from business owners to data consumers and decision-makers. Get smarter insights and make better decisions in less time.


ZenML (Zen Metrics Language)


ZenML (Zen Metrics Language) is a YAML-based descriptive language provided by Kyligence Zen. It enables the unified governance of metrics similar to managing codes and files. By converting technical data into business metrics, ZenML efficiently acquires valuable insights. It also offers a unified semantic layer for easy integration with the data-consuming side, enabling a quick implementation of metrics-driven data products.


Metrics Automation


Stop wasting precious hours crunching numbers. With Kyligence Zen's automated metrics calculation powered by a built-in industry-leading augmented OLAP engine, you can spend less time calculating and more time taking action on the data that matters most.


Metrics API


With open APIs, Kyligence Zen makes it easy to connect your organization's data and metrics with the BI and SaaS tools preferred by your business - no matter what they are. Align all of your businesses, data consumers, and decision-makers on one unified metrics platform.


Metrics Templates


Check out the extensive catalog of metrics templates created by professionals. Apply the metrics in clicks to your data sets. You can save 80% of time and energy by avoiding the need to construct them from scratch.




In conclusion, headless BI has become a popular approach for businesses to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness through data analysis. Headless BI separates the presentation and analytical layers, providing consistency, agility, and providing opportunities to consume metrics in the business applications business user on a daily basis.


Kyligence Zen is the low-code metrics platform that takes headless BI to the next level by offering a unified metrics catalog, standard metrics language (ZenML), automated metric features, etc. When collaborating with Kyligence Zen, businesses can create metrics and associated data applications more intelligently, unlocking valuable insights more smartly.


Learn more about Kyligence Zen here or try out Kyligence Zen for free.

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