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Unlock the Power of Data with Kyligence Copilot: An AI Copilot for Your Business Metrics

Muyun Xiao
Product Director
Jul. 14, 2023

Introduction of Copilot


In the information age, data has become the lifeblood of business decision-making. However, many enterprises, especially small to medium-sized ones, encounter significant barriers when leveraging their data.


Data analytics, as it stands, presents a couple of key challenges. The first issue is its inflexibility and heavy reliance on data specialists. This dependency creates bottlenecks in decision-making processes, limiting the speed at which a business can operate.


The second challenge is the difficulty for business users to access valuable insights hidden in their data. The current state of data analytics often leaves these insights out of reach for those who need them most.


Recognizing these challenges, Kyligence has developed an innovative solution to democratize access to data insights - Kyligence Copilot.


Introducing Kyligence Copilot


Kyligence Copilot, built on our robust Kyligence Zen metrics platform and powered by Azure OpenAI, offers a unique, AI-driven approach to data analytics. This tool has been designed to serve everyone, irrespective of their data literacy and skill level. It is particularly beneficial for enterprises lacking the budget or capacity to hire specialized data analysts.


Features and Benefits of Kyligence Copilot


With Kyligence Copilot, we simplify complex data into understandable business metrics. This AI copilot efficiently interprets natural language queries and matches them with the semantic information in your metrics, enabling a user-friendly approach to data analytics.


Key features of Kyligence Copilot include:

  • Effortless Metric Search and Analysis

Users can easily search for metrics using natural language and ask Kyligence Copilot to conduct analysis, provide insights, and create dashboards.

  • Auto Root Cause Analysis with Chat

Stay ahead of potential business issues by asking Kyligence Copilot to conduct Root Cause Analysis, helping users to understand their metrics' fluctuations and uncover root causes buried in the data.

  • Identify Off-track Business and Take Action

Align metrics with business objectives and identify off-track goals. Kyligence Copilot helps users make metrics-driven decisions.


And rest assured, your data is safe with Kyligence Copilot. It leverages Azure OpenAI services (GPT 3.5) for a secure and compliant AI experience.


Getting Started with Kyligence Copilot


Starting with Kyligence Copilot is straightforward:

  1. Upload Your Data: Begin by uploading your data to our secure platform.
  2. Define Your Metrics: Personalize the platform by defining your unique business metrics.
  3. Chat to Your Metrics... and More: Dive in and start conversing with your data.



Kyligence Copilot is paving the way for a fresh, AI-driven data analytics approach that democratizes data insights' power. It's seamless integration and intuitive interface significantly reduce the barriers to leveraging data, thereby boosting overall work efficiency.


Interested in being part of this data revolution? You can sign up for the free trial for Kyligence Zen with Copilot. Embark on your data discovery journey with Kyligence Copilot as your trusted co-pilot.