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AI Goes Mainstream: The Disruption of Data Analytics by Generative AI

In this article, we delve into the transformative impact of generative AI on data analytics and human-computer interaction, explore the challenges it presents, and look ...
by Joanna He | Jul. 18, 2023

Unlock the Power of Data with Kyligence Copilot: An AI Copilot for Your Business Metrics

Introducing the private preview of Kyligence Copilot- Your AI Copilot for Data Works with Business Metrics and Goals! 🚀 Simplifying data analysis for everyone. Chat to ...
by Muyun Xiao | Jul. 14, 2023

Root Cause Analysis: A Quick Start Guide

Everything you need to know about Root Cause Analysis- definition, benefits, and methods, step-by-step of how to accomplish automation.

by Dong Li | Jul. 13, 2023

The Balanced Scorecard: a Framework to Drive Corporate Performance in 2023

Overview of the Balance Scorecard framework and introduces Kyligence Zen, a user-friendly tool to manage Balance Scorecard metrics.

by Harry Kurniawan | Jul. 11, 2023

What is the Source of Truth, and Why is it Important?

Source of truth refers to the authoritative, reliable, and trusted data source that provides the most accurate and valid data. Learn about the meaning of the source of ...
by Joanna He | Jun. 28, 2023

Metrics Store: A New Critical Capability for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

Learn about the definition and importance of Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) Platform and how does Metrics Store simplify data complexity.

by Sean Ru | Jun. 20, 2023

Kyligence Continuously Recognized by Gartner in Demystifying Semantic Layers for Self-Service Analytics Report

Once again, Gartner lists Kyligence as a representative vendor of the stand-alone semantic layer. Read the report and understand metrics store.

by Kaige Liu | Jun. 08, 2023

What is Headless BI and Why It Matters?

Low-code platform to build reusable metrics that are agile and user-friendly for business users. Here's all you need to know about headless BI.

by Sean Zong | Jun. 05, 2023

What is the Metrics Layer?

Learn about the importance of the Metrics Layer and its impact on data analysis and decision-making. Enables businesses to measure, track, and interpret KPI effectively.

by Dong Li | May. 22, 2023

What is a Semantic Layer?

Learn about the Semantic Layer- benefits, limitation, new approach with low-code metrics to defines, collects, and analyzes your business metrics.

by Sean Zong | May. 17, 2023
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