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How to Drive Business Growth with North Star Metric

Learn how the North Star Metric framework can boost business growth. Explore real-world NSM examples, implementation, and the Kyligence unique advantage.

by Muyun Xiao | Sep. 22, 2023

AI-Powered Web Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into the world of AI web analytics with Kyligence Copilot. Discover how AI-driven insights revolutionize traditional web analytics, and learn practical steps to implement it for your business.

by Isabel Macaulay | Sep. 20, 2023

Why Are Marketing Metrics Important? Understanding Key Performance Indicators for Data-Driven Marketers

What are marketing metrics? Discover the definition of marketing metrics, importance, types you should track, and how to analyze them using Kyligence Zen and Kyligence Copilot, AI tools for data

by Isabel Macaulay | Sep. 19, 2023

Will AI Replace Data Analysts?

Will AI replace data analysts' jobs? Find the answer from expert arguments, benefits and limitations of AI, and how to maintain relevance as a data analyst.

by Yang Li | Sep. 13, 2023

Self-service Analytics Explained: Tools and Best Practices in 2023

Unlock the potential of self-service analytics with AI. Dive into the transformative power of accessible data and gain insights from industry leader Gartner. Discover ...
by Joanna He | Sep. 13, 2023

Leveraging 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis In Understanding Complex Data

Learn how the 5 Whys root cause analysis unravel complex data challenges. See how to implement automated root cause analysis with Kyligence Copilot.

by Dong Li | Sep. 07, 2023

The Rise of Data AI: Applications, Benefits, and Implementation

Learn how top companies use data AI for business forecasting, personalization, and more. Analyze complex business metrics better with Kyligence Zen Copilot.

by Joanna He | Aug. 31, 2023

Retail Analytics Made Ease with AI Copilot for Data

"Discover how AI Copilot for Data revolutionizes retail analytics, making complex insights easier to grasp. Explore the power of artificial intelligence in simplifying ...
by Sean Zong | Aug. 23, 2023

Data Analysis ≠ Data Visualization: "Why" Behind Fluctuations In Key Performance Metrics

Unlock the "why" behind fluctuations in key performance metrics with our insightful blog on Data Analysis vs. Data Visualization. Learn how to decipher the true drivers ...
by Sean Zong | Aug. 08, 2023

Amid Adversity, Let Digitization Assist In Increasing Business Profits

Discover how a leading logistics company achieved exceptional growth and efficiency through digitalization and modernization. Unlock the power of data-driven insights ...
by Joanna He | Jul. 26, 2023
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