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AI-Powered Web Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide

Isabel Macaulay
Senior Manager, US Marketing
Sep. 20, 2023

AI-Powered Web Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide


In 2023, businesses need full visibility into the customer experience at each stage of the funnel, through marketing channels, in the product, and on the website. These insights are critical to understanding your customer journey and customer needs and optimizing your marketing and sales strategies to align with customer behavior.


The Challenges Faced with Web Analytics


For many organizations, success is uncovered through inappropriate targeting, meaningful website engagement, and online conversions. Access to well-defined, accurate metrics for website performance can be a key element in hacking growth and staying competitive; however, for many marketing teams, wrangling, cleaning, and processing all the varying data sources and KPIs presents a core challenge.


Web analytics platforms, like Google Analytics, often inundate businesses with an extensive range of metrics, forcing businesses to decide what's essential to their organization and what's extraneous. It's easy to over-index or become distracted by inconsequential metrics.


The ever-changing data protection and regulation landscape makes web analytics and marketing attribution even more challenging. Each year the set of standard, reliable metrics and benchmarks shifts. For teams that aren't staffed with sophisticated business intelligence talent, it's highly necessary to implement intelligent systems that can sift through the noise and identify the data that truly matters.


Even with sufficient analytics talent, many organizations experience a knowledge gap in web analytics. Skilled professionals who possess true expertise in web analytics can be rare and expensive. The individuals responsible for analyzing website metrics and reporting those insights need to be confident in their understanding of the data.


A recent survey by Think with Google highlighted that 26% of marketers felt under-equipped in the analytics domain. Further, there's a broader lack of comprehension among business leaders about the transformative potential of web analytics. This dual-edged challenge underscores the importance of intuitive, AI-powered tools that can demystify complex data and present actionable insights understandably.


Understanding AI-Powered Web Analytics


Basic web analytics tools offer limited website traffic, engagement, and conversion information. However, they often need manual data manipulation and analysis to utilize their analytics capabilities fully. AI-enabled web analytics tools automate these manual efforts for immediate insight into user behaviors, trends, and correlations.


With these immediate insights, organizations can make faster, data-driven decisions with more accurate insights. By saving time on manual analysis, businesses can focus on optimizing web experiences and implementing strategies.


Key advantages in utilizing AI-powered web analytics tools:

  • Advanced Data Analysis

AI models can help you analyze data and find patterns that may be missed by manual observation. This allows for deeper insights and a better understanding of your data. You can access sophisticated analysis methods, including anomaly detection, natural language processing, and pattern recognition, without the need for a mature analytics team on staff.

  • Predictive Analytics

AI models use historical data to predict and advise on future challenges or opportunities. Forecasting this way helps businesses plan ahead and make informed decisions using website data and seasonal patterns.

  • Automated Reporting

Creating and restructuring reports manually can be time-consuming. The amount of time it takes depends on how frequently your organization conducts business reviews. AI web analytics tools can transform basic reports from Google or Adobe Experience Manager into automated, detailed reports and dashboards. These reports and dashboards are qualitative and quantitative, tailored to meet your needs.

  • Real-time Insights

AI can analyze website data in real-time, giving instant feedback on website traffic, user behavior, and more. You can monitor performance hour-by-hour, take action when data goes off track, and inform relevant people about these changes.

  • Enhanced Data Visualization

Marketers spend a lot of time editing presentations to make data easy to understand, even when they're not experts in design or data experts. AI can create new versions of data visuals that are easy to use and engaging. This allows you to customize your reports for different individuals quickly.

  • Personalized Recommendations

In 2023, personalization is the name of the game to hack website experience and online conversion rates. Given AI's enhanced data analytics capabilities, you can power your business with untapped areas of personalization, from persona or role-based personalization, regional personalization, industry personalization, and more.


AI-Powered Web Analytics with Kyligence Copilot


Kyligence Zen and Kyligence Copilot aim to simplify the significant challenges for organizations looking to reap the benefits of using website analytics to guide user journeys and website experience optimization. For businesses dealing with the difficulties of wrangling metrics, Kyligence Zen provides users with a central repository for their metrics that guides users step-by-step through connecting data sources, defining and documenting business metrics, and associating goals with those metrics.


Kyligence Copilot extends Zen with an AI assistant that can perform root cause analysis, identify risks to hitting goals, and provide actionable guidance based on performance, all through natural language chat. This makes your website analytics fully interactive. Kyligence Copilot can analyze causes, track goals, create dashboards, and answer data-related questions. Customers rely on Kyligence Copilot and Kyligence Zen to intelligently filter web analytics metrics, and extract meaningful trends from the vast volumes of data, and centralize access to critical insights.


Root Cause Analysis

Kyligence Copilot delivers robust root-cause analysis for changes in website metrics. You need insights into variance in your conversion rates, bounce rates, retention rates, and traffic volumes. Kyligence Copilot will dissect user behavior to discover anomalies and trends so that you can adapt your strategies in real-time.


Report Automation

Kyligence Copilot will collate all your questions into a central, shareable dashboard in the phrasing you used in your questions. These dashboards are dynamic and evergreen, so you only need to ask your questions once. You can easily export your Kyligence metrics to another analytics tool like Excel if you want to further massage your data.


Optimization Guidance

In tandem with root cause analysis capabilities, Kyligence Copilot will provide comprehensive suggestions for improving goal progress or solving business challenges. Copilot can give you direct, actionable feedback on ways to widen your marketing funnel, improve page-by-page engagement rates, optimize your webpage pathing, and enable content discoverability.


Real-time Data Explanations

Whether you have the time to have an extended conversation with Copilot or need to provide your leadership with an answer quickly, Kyligence Copilot generates accurate responses to your most complex queries in real-time. You'll never be caught without a solution to your website analytics questions.


Whether you have the time to have an extended conversation with Copilot or need to provide your leadership with an answer quickly, Kyligence Copilot generates accurate responses to your most complex queries in real time. You'll never be caught without a solution to your website analytics questions.


Many Kyligence Zen and Copilot customers report success in identifying new user conversion strategies, guidance in reducing bounce rate, signals on customer segmentation, and much more.

AI-empowered Business Analytics

The Practical Guide to AI-Powered Web Analytics with Kyligence Copilot:


Getting started with Kyligence Zen and Kyligence Copilot is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Integrate your website analytics platform.

You can get started with preloaded sample data in Kyligence Zen. You can also access your own data through the data module and create tables and views by uploading CSV files, or connecting to Amazon S3 buckets. After creating a metric based on a table or view, the system will automatically tag the table/view as a model.

  • Create metrics or use a prebuilt metrics template (we have one for Google Analytics!).

  Kyligence Zen offers several metric types to meet the needs of complex data analysis, including:

  • Basic metrics: Measured directly from the product or a transaction record, such as page views.
  • Derived metrics: Calculated based on another metric, such as month-over-month visitor growth.
  • Composite metrics: Defined by a formula using multiple metrics, such as bounce rate.
  • Chat with Kyligence Copilot.

Open Kyligence Copilot in the top right corner. Kyligence Copilot recommends relevant metrics in the organization based on the business questions you pose. Once you select a metric topic, you can explore it further, including metric calculations, multidimensional analysis, and root causes.


Ask questions such as

  1. Which customer segments have the highest conversion rates?

2. Which types of pages have the lowest engagement rates?

3. Why are customers leaving this landing page at a higher rate than my other pages?

4. What seasonality exists in my web traffic data?





As it becomes more and more competitive to attract and secure online traffic, having comprehensive oversight of your website analytics has never been more critical. Everyone with a website needs insights into visitor behavior, conversion trends, and positive and negative contributors to these vital metrics.


While the basic website analytics platforms can offer standard structures for analyzing and interpreting this data, more organizations will need additional analysis and manipulation for the comprehensive understanding they require of their industry and customers. Staffing mature business intelligence teams to do this sophisticated analysis of web analytics can be expensive and take extensive time to hire. This is where AI can help.


AI offers endless ways to extend the functionality of the standard website analytics platforms. With AI-powered website analytics tools, you can access core analysis functions such as advanced data analysis, predictive analytics, automated reporting, real-time insights, enhanced data visualizations, and personalized recommendations right at your fingertips.


With Kyligence Zen and Kyligence Copilot, you can seamlessly access the expert-level website analysis you need to empower data-driving decision-making in your website optimization practices. With Zen and Copilot, you can define and centralize your KPIs, and then interact with your data in your natural language to get instant root cause analysis, advanced goal analysis, actionable guidance, and intuitive visualizations and reporting.


You can get started with Kyligence in three easy steps and ten minutes with many prebuilt templates, including templates for marketing analytics and Google Analytics.


Try Kyligence Zen and Kyligence Copilot free today and unlock the keys to website optimization!