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Now Available: Kyligence ODBC Driver for Mac

Nov. 12, 2019

High-performance analytics for every operating system and an upgrade path for Apache Kylin users.

For many analytics organizations out there today, your choice of computing hardware can be as important and your choice of BI tool. Mac or PC? Tableau or MicroStrategy? These questions matter when it comes to being able to do your best work, and that’s certainly been true for lots of Kyligence users.

Introducing Kyligence ODBC Driver for Mac

One request we’ve received time and again was to bring the analytics experience Kyligence users on Linux and Windows enjoy, with its diversity of BI tool connectors, to teams that prefer to work on Mac (and there are a lot of you!).

Well, good news Mac users! We’re very pleased to announce the release of our Kyligence ODBC Driver for Mac. Now, analytics teams working on Mac can take full advantage of Kyligence’s performance enhancement capabilities for Big Data analytics work on their preferred BI tools. Even more good news, our ODBC driver is available starting today.

An Upgrade Path for Apache Kylin Users

For many Apache Kylin users that support organizations that primarily run on Mac or who are transitioning to a Mac-first analytics environment, this ODBC driver offers a way to keep the same powerful OLAP approach to Big Data analytics while enabling your team to continue to run their BI tools on Mac.

If you’re ready to enhance your OLAP with the added capabilities of Kyligence, you can apply for a two-month free trial and get started right now. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Kyligence’s unique features such as multi-tenancy, read and write separation, BI vendor certifications, and much more.

What You’ll Get with the Kyligence ODBC Driver for Mac

Ready to get started with the new Kyligence ODBC Driver for Mac? Here’s a taste of the overall experience and benefits you can expect from this new addition to the Kyligence ecosystem:

Simple and Fast Installation and Configuration

Our goal is to provide you with the fastest and most hassle-free installation and configuration experience possible with every one of our solutions, and our ODBC driver offers our most streamlined process to date. Get set up and working in no time using our straightforward GUI that makes configuring DSN easy.

A First-Class Analytics Experience on Mac (Not Just Windows and Linux)

We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the tools and hardware you prefer just to get the most out of your analytics solution. That’s why we’ve made sure that Mac users will enjoy the very same industry-leading analytics experience that has made Kyligence so successful with Windows and Linux users.

In Mac, users can now also easily sync Kyligence data models to Tableau by leveraging our export to TDS functionality found in Kyligence Enterprise.

Take Advantage of Flexible Self-Service Analytics

Go wherever your Big Data insights take you with a self-service analytics environment built specially for Mac. Leverage a super-fast back-end engine that provides a drag-and-drop experience that will make discovering your business’ next big idea a breeze.

Uncompromising SQL Performance

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice SQL compatibility and performance just because of your operating system. We’ve rigorously tested our connectivity with all major BI tools to ensure our Mac ODBC Driver delivers the same smooth connectivity that you’d expect using Linux or Windows.

Upgrade Your Big Data Analytics on Mac Today

With the new Kyligence ODBC driver, it has never been a better time to be a BI user on Mac. If you’re ready for better query performance and an all-around improved Big Data analytics environment, then visit our ODBC download page to get started right now.

If you’re new to Kyligence or are familiar with it as an Apache Kylin user and this new ODBC driver has given you a reason to take another look at Kyligence, don’t forget to apply for your two-month free trial today. Start enjoying the world’s leading Big Data analytics experience right now with your favorite BI tools on Windows, Linux, and of course, Mac.