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Kyligence Cloud 4.6 GA: Experience Simplified and Efficient Data Analytics on the Cloud

Lena Pan
Technical Writer
Nov. 02, 2022



We are happy to announce the release of Kyligence Cloud 4.6 GA, the latest version of our cloud-native intelligent OLAP Platform. In this new version, we have redesigned the underlying operation logic to bring our users with simplified multi-dimensional data analysis (OLAP) on cloud data lakes. On this ground, Kyligence Cloud 4.6 also integrates with many cloud-native services to simplify cloud deployment and improve user experience.


As more businesses are migrating to the cloud, services provided by the public cloud are also being enriched and improved. Kyligence Cloud 4.6 provides better integration and compatibility with public cloud services, including support to Amazon EMR Serverless and AWS Glue, to deliver more straightforward and more efficient cloud resource management and data analytics experiences.


Improved stability and manageability


As stability is critical to ensure a smooth product operation, Kyligence Cloud 4.6 redesigned the underlying operation logic and decoupled the strong dependency relation among different workspace components to improve overall stability. In this new version, we segregate the management of workspace components and that of workspace and leverage a modularized component design to enhance the resource management of the workspace, so now the system's operation is no longer restricted by the stability of each workspace component.


Optimized deployment and user experience on AWS


Integrate AWS EMR Serverless to improve performance


Traditional model-building jobs require a lot of computing resources and heavy cluster O&M work from professionals, which will inevitably increase the use threshold. To address this issue, we have integrated Amazon EMR Serverless, a serverless option launched in Amazon EMR. With this upgrade, users no longer need to deploy and build cluster components, and can directly use Amazon EMR Serverless as a computing resource.

Kyligence Cloud workflow
Kyligence Cloud workflow

After the integration, when users try to build models, Kyligence Cloud will send the Spark computing jobs to Amazon EMR Serverless for precomputation. Amazon EMR Serverless will extract data for Spark computation and return the results to Kyligence Cloud to accelerate index-building. These computed results will be used to answer user queries.


With support from Amazon EMR Serverless, Kyligence Cloud achieves 10%-15% of performance improvement with a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO), empowering users to perform massive data analysis on the cloud more cost-effectively way.


Integrate AWS Glue to enable unified data catalog management


Compared to the built-in data catalog in the previous versions, Kyligence Cloud 4.6 now integrates the data catalog from AWS Glue, a serverless data integration service, to consolidate data in different Amazon S3 buckets across regions and accounts, enabling unified data catalog management.

Kyligence Cloud Product Diagram
Kyligence Cloud Product Diagram

Kyligence Cloud incorporates the standard Apache Hive interface of AWS Glue, so users can directly use AWS Glue Data Catalog as their metadata store without needing to maintain an additional copy of the same metadata, thus reducing the cost of dataflow and data storage. Organizations already using big data services on AWS (e.g., Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift) can seamlessly integrate Kyligence Cloud into their entire big data pipeline. The time and effort spent on project implementation will be greatly reduced, and the user experience will be improved.


Access S3 data sources in different AWS accounts


Starting from Kyligence Cloud 4.6, users with S3 as their workspace data source can now access S3 buckets under different AWS accounts. There will be no need to copy data across different AWS accounts, thus speeding up data flow and reducing TCO.


Considering the increasing demand for big data analysis and its variations, the solidified big data processing pipelines in enterprises often cannot meet all analytic requests, primarily ad-hoc analytical demands. Starting from Kyligence Cloud 4.6, for scenarios that need to combine process data for joint analysis, users only need to store their data in an S3 bucket and then use Kyligence Cloud to access these buckets after some simple configuration the IAM policies. This will significantly improve the flexibility of data analysis.


With the integration of Amazon EMR Serverless and AWS Glue, Kyligence Cloud will further improve users' experience on AWS.

Access S3 data sources across AWS accounts
Access S3 data sources across AWS accounts

Enhanced security in cloud computing


Support Okta MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)


Okta is a cloud-based enterprise-level identity management service compatible with most on-premise applications. Worldwide enterprises widely use it as it can significantly improve access security for enterprise users. Kyligence Cloud 4.6 supports user authentication through Okta to meet the needs of enterprises for unified identity authentication and management. The system admins only need to do some simple configurations to enable access to Kyligence Cloud via an Okta account.

Kyligence Cloud supports Okta MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
Kyligence Cloud supports Okta MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)



Kyligence Cloud 4.6 has significantly enhanced cloud resource management and operation stability. Besides working on the product, we are also proactively working with public cloud vendors to expand cloud data analysis capabilities.


In the future, we plan to lower the threshold for data analysis on public clouds; for example, besides our core product capability, we plan to support more ARM Instances and Burstable Performance Instances types and support Flexible server databases on Microsoft Azure. Kyligence Cloud always adheres to its goal of offering products that are easy to manage and at a low TCO. We will continue to provide a high-quality enterprise-level intelligent OLAP platform on the cloud.


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